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Mortgage Leaders Triumph In Tricky Times [Infographic]

What would you do if 37% of your business evaporated overnight? Since mid-August, Regional banks and Mortgage originators have been facing a scary near-term prognosis. Scores of banks will likely suffer double-digit declines in mortgage revenue in the second half of 2013, according to Sterne Agee.  Mortgage Bankers Association is betting the decline will be 37%. To […]

Why We Buy: The 3 Social Selling Factors That Make Or Break A Sale [Infographic]

How are impressions formed? What motivates a person to buy? We used to think the act of buying was a fairly logical process. A product engaged our attention, we gathered info about it, determined our interest level, and then bought or not. But now we know better… What exactly creates a compelling customer experience? Via brainstorming with […]

The 90-Day Microsoft Makeover Plan: Yes, It Starts With Steve

Although it’s easy to blame it on Ballmer, it’s also inaccurate. Microsoft MSFT +4.2%’s trouble started long ago, when it began bleeding talent after the FTC debacle and the resulting heir-apparent exodus of Nathan and Cameron Myhrvold, Brad Silverberg, Paul Maritz and more. Why didn’t the Microsoft board do anything to mitigate this? Dear Steve, Remember when I […]

Crush Your Top Collaboration Killers! A Brain-Based Approach

Two founders of a mid-sized technology company were at war. The CEO was aggressive, the CTO often sabotaged the CEO, and the company was divided into two camps. To make matters worse, recent tech breakthroughs were changing how their customers worked—and threatening to make their #1 product obsolete. Productivity across the organization was plummeting, the […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators, Part 2: Get Their Attention And Loyalty

Sure, Detroit says it had to declare bankruptcy. But financial failure is often a series of communication mistakes—from leadership, from marketing, from sales, from manufacturing, from Board members, from the CEO, the list is endless. Poor communication often breaks trust. Break trust and loyalty is toast. Want to build connection, trust, loyalty withanyone? Last week we […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators — Part 1: Creating Trust

“Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying” –Pink Floyd When did you last see someone’s eyes glaze over when you were talking to them? Recently? People misunderstand one another daily. Why? Because we are speaking different languages—and I’m not talking Spanish/English or another combo. We’re speaking different languages at a subterranean, subconscious, […]