Neuroselling Training

Workshop: The Neuroscience Of Influencing Outcomes

“Wow—our team had several ‘ah ha’ moments at our recent Sales and Marketing Intensive with Christine. We had a very specific set of deliverables for our Intensive, and Christine masterfully kept the team on track, focused, and stretched them to see in entirely new ways. Both during and after the Intensive Christine continues to provide us with tools, techniques, examples of approaches for programs similar to ours. Our team is jazzed—it’s as if the lights have been turned on bright and we can see farther and with greater detail. If you want to jump start your sales and marketing, get better results with a lot less effort, bring STI in to help. Your team, like mine, will thank you, and you’ll love the results.”

John Gorski


Market Better, Sell Better, Lead Better with Neuroscience

Real influence is about forging deep connections quickly, stepping into someone’s world authentically, and striving for consistent win/win outcomes. In this Workshop you will learn how to improve receptivity to your communication and forge deeper trust in order to influence clients, team members, prospects and board members. Join us for a neuroselling training workshop that will profoundly and positively shift your ability to influence faster, so you can close more sales at a faster rate, deliver marketing messages that are 62%+ more effective and increase team member emotional engagement, ownership and loyalty by 67-100%.



You Will Learn

  • How to calibrate when someone is in rapport, in their frontal lobes, versus in fear
  • To practice all areas of rapport techniques: physical body, vocal, sensory systems, key words and gestures, and meta-programs
  • To improve awareness of the 93% of communication that is unspoken
  • How to apply rapport to key client situations and practice needle-mover conversations
  • The 6 most potent meta-programs that define a human being’s world
  • How to communicate to someone in their exact meta-programs to influence, connect and build deep trust
  • Specific and highly successful applications of these techniques in sales, marketing, talent and board management and recruiting scenarios