DIY SmartTribe

“I can always count on Christine to gently nudge me out of my comfort zone, to enable me to see into my blind spots and expand my vision. STI’s SmartTribes Playbook is full of their proven processes and practices for leadership, culture, sales and marketing so my team doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel—we’re too busy for that. In the past year we’ve experienced a profound shift in my team’s effectiveness in delegation, accountability, internal motivation, ability to enroll and engage others, and collaboration. Christine has helped us map out a 1 year plan to get thousands of people performing more effectively, and I’m happy to say we are on track.”

Trần Ngọc Bích
Deputy CEO Corporate Service and Governance
THP Group

What is keeping you up at night? Team not performing to expectations? Sales and marketing efforts not yielding results? Competitors growing faster than you are?

We have been there. We wrote the book on midsize company growth (literally) and put together a solution that you can implement yourself without a ton of time and effort. Best of all, we’ve proven these results over and over with hundreds of clients.

Our DIY SmartTribe Playbook is full of proven tools and templates to solve your most pressing Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Culture, and Talent dilemmas. Here are some results you can expect:
  • Streamlined processes save up to 137 hours per month and $55K per year
  • Annual increase in revenues and profits up to 210%
  • Employees 35-50% more productive and 67-100% more emotionally engaged
Brain-Based Tools You Will Receive our 50 + most successful brain-based tools and templates, including:
  • Effective Recruiting and Retention Process – get the right people and keep them
  • Effective Delegation Process - end rubber band delegation for good
  • Leadership Levels - track and cultivate key leadership performance
  • How To Recruit For Value Alignment and High Accountability – hearts + minds
  • Effective Communication and Meeting Process – make meetings 50% shorter and 75% more effective
  • Create The Culture of Your Dreams – a step by step plan to make your employees profoundly committed
  • Accountability Partner & Process – get your team to hold one another accountable
  • Sales incentives plans that WORK – and drive more revenue
  • Optimal sales and marketing interview questions – separate the real ones from the “wanna bes”

We won’t just drop you in the deep end, we are here to help. You’ll receive 4 online coaching sessions to help you get the best results and the best ROI.

STP: SmartTribes Playbook - $5500
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