Create the Company Culture of Your Dreams

Thank God It's Monday!!

What does employee engagement really mean?

How do we create it, maintain it, grow it, make it fun?

Can we create the conditions to make employees eager for Monday, and even look forward to it?

In this company culture session you’ll learn:

  • How to cause insights and ideas in people, so they feel more motivated and engaged to implement them
  • How to bring about great mental clarity and focus, and the key structure required to get and keep momentum
  • The 4 most effective (and free) cultural rituals that will bring emotional engagement to record highs
  • The 15 questions that will determine if your company culture is in trouble or on track
  • The three things all humans crave—and how to decode what a person really wants so you can give it to them… causing enduring trust
  • A “next steps” checklist to ensure you implement these techniques optimally

Program Duration: 45 – 90 minutes

Contact us to schedule this dynamic, entertaining session at your organization, and profoundly improve the level of emotional engagement in your company culture—and get it in a faster, fun, and fulfilling way.