Sales & Marketing Intensive

“I’ve been in the sales and marketing world for decades, and I can be a bit skeptical of consultants. Christine changed all that. From the start she was generous with her time, ROI-focused, and profoundly accountable. Christine’s potent neuroscience techniques have completely refreshed how our marketing leadership team approaches messaging, customer experience, optimizing our marketing process and aligning with sales. Our team has called the experience nothing short of ‘amazing’—and we’re not known to gush. We now have a set of highly effective tools to approach our markets in fresh new ways, and to increase customer intimacy and engagement. Thanks STI!”

Steve Mann
CMO, LexisNexis

Want to close sales faster? (Who doesn’t!) Then it’s time to learn the neuroscience behind successful Sales and Marketing.

When our clients want to increase conversion rates, develop a compelling and unique value proposition, or increase the lifetime value of customers, they ask us to come onsite for a Sales and Marketing Intensive (SMI). This is a one to two day onsite engagement where we work with key stakeholders in the Sales, Marketing, and Leadership roles to assess the current approach, map out new strategies or streamlined approaches, and plan out what will happen next.

Our SMI process has 3 parts:

  • Scoping call: we will define the SMI success metrics and scope, who should participate, and whether to include applied neuroscience for your team
  • Execute: on our pre-determined scope during the Sales intensive
  • Post SMI Action Pan: 10 days post SMI, we’ll deliver a plan for next steps to ensure success

We have clients repeatedly tell us that for every $25,000 they invest in us, they gain well over $1M in gross revenue, net income, increased quota achievement or operational efficiency.

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