Quick Wins

Need to generate some momentum?

That’s where our Quick Wins come in. They’re cost-effective, neuroscience-based programs that yield fast and measurable ROI and boost your ability to grow.

Let’s get you to that next revenue milestone.

STP: SmartTribes Playbook - $5,500

Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Culture not where you want it? Implement our collection of client-tested proven tools and templates to solve big problems and seize big opportunities fast.

Employee Engagement & Culture Diagnostic - $7,500

All humans crave three things: safety, belonging, and mattering. Our SBM index swiftly and effectively measures employee engagement and diagnoses cultural disconnects. We then create a game plan to help you capitalize on the results.

Leadership Excellence Assessment - $7,500

World class leaders have a lot of common characteristics. How does your team measure up? Where are your crucial opportunities for improvement? Let’s find out and get you growing.

Sales & Marketing Intensive - $25,000

Want to close sales 50% faster? Create marketing messages that are 300% more effective? We have a proven process that gets measurable results.

STI Strategy Day - $25,000

Where do you want to go? Strategic exit? Improved culture? Higher growth and better margins? We bring deep strategy and operational expertise to the table to get you there. You’ll leave with a proven plan.