What would you discover if you were to drop into yourself?

Energetically, many high-powered CEOs and entrepreneurs are driven, intense, and outcome oriented. Your strengths have pushed you to excel in your business…

but they don’t always serve your soul.

As a result, you don’t have the space you need to connect with your true self.


This all takes place at the phenomenal IONS EarthRise Retreat center, where you’ll be surrounded by untouched nature and fed locally-sourced, organic meals prepared by an incredible chef.


Beyond Your Brain is more than just another retreat that you’ll enjoy...

and then forget about.


In addition to three intensive, hands-on days at the retreat center, you’ll be invited into a 9 month, self-paced, online program that will create the framework for your experience. (When you register NOW, you can start implementing the online course as early as January 2020!)

There is an absolute maximum number of 13 retreat participants per year. Get your seat before it’s gone!


At the Beyond Your Brain Retreat, be prepared for:

Best of all, you’ll receive the gift of time:

Beyond Your Brain Leader

Beyond Your Brain is led by Executive Coach and Shamanic Practitioner Christine Comaford. As a CEO, an angel investor in hundreds of startups (including Google), and a best-selling author, Christine understands the pressure to perform in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure, business world.

She’s also seen first hand how the systems you use to enhance your work performance can leave very little room for your own spiritual and personal growth. Her mission is to help you transcend the ordinary realities of the physical world and engage deeply with the unseen.

No particular spiritual experience or background qualifications are necessary to attend.

You’re asked to bring:

Christine’s spiritual guidance doesn’t come from a place of judgment or condemnation.


The level of insight, guidance, and wisdom she provides over the course of three days is absolutely beyond the value of the retreat itself.

Here’s what we’ll work on during this 9 month digital program AND all-inclusive experiential retreat:


Replenish your energetic body, retain your energy longer, and learn to direct your energy powerfully. Use energy as a conduit for positive relationships and results.


Learn to recognize your relationship with both the material/tangible world you’re used to, as well as the unseen world all around you.


Understand, connect to, and prepare to begin living out your life purpose with confidence and energy.


Increase your vision, intuition, and manifestation abilities in order to create the positive changes you desire in your life.

The upcoming Beyond Your Brain Retreat will be Fall 2021. You’re encouraged to take that time away from both work and the demands of your daily life.

Prepare to drop in and discover the wonder that can be found when you open yourself to moving Beyond Your Brain.

Discover how to dramatically increase your:


Only 13 participants are invited to each retreat. Each applicant is carefully screened, and attendees are hand-selected.



IONS Earthrise Retreat Center

“Close to San Francisco and far from ordinary, EarthRise offers a sacred space where ancient and modern wisdom meet.”

101 San Antonio Rd. Petaluma, CA 94952


What sets us apart:

The Beyond Your Brain Retreat provides a level of access to Christine Comaford’s guidance and energy that is beyond value. You’ll likely never have a chance to engage with her in this way anywhere else on the planet.

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