Neuroleadership Training

Workshop: The Neuroscience Of Compelling Leadership

“STI’s training has helped my leadership team amp up their performance as well. We’re now collaborating and communicating better, moving through healthy conflict to positive outcomes, and we’ve increased our compassion for one another—absolutely critical given our breakneck pace of growth. Understanding how the brain works and how to shift our own brain-states has made a huge positive difference for us. Thanks STI!”

Dave Selinger
CEO, RichRelevance


The Neuroscience of Compelling Leadership

Today’s leaders need a deeper ability to communicate and influence in order to drive higher levels of accountability and productivity on their teams. In this highly interactive neuroleadership training workshop, we will explore how neuroscience can be applied to leadership and challenge each participant to consider how embracing new leadership methods will enhance and support the rapid growth of their company. Your leaders will learn to communicate more explicitly, increase transparency through proven accountability structures and build a sustainable culture where burn-out and unvoiced frustrations are a distant memory.


You Will Learn

  • What every human being craves at a primal and neurological level, and how to provide it
  • How the brain works in change, growth and learning scenarios
  • How to shift the brain from fear and resistance to enthusiasm and innovation
  • A proven process to make your team 35% more productive in 6 months or sooner
  • What our brains crave in communication patterns and how to create effective rhythms
  • What stress and urgency addiction does to our decision-making capabilities
  • The 6 Stances to quickly shift “energetic posturing” as a leader to increase influence with your Board, clients, prospects, and employees