Employee Engagement & Culture Diagnostic

“Christine’s dynamic session at our annual training event for WPO Chapter Chairs linking neuroscience-based tools with employee engagement was fascinating. Our facilitators, who came from all over the world, were intrigued by Christine’s ‘Safety, Belonging, and Mattering Index.’ We’re very interested in practical applications for creating an environment of trust in order to improve group performance as part of WPO’s signature peer learning method.”

Susan Diamond
Chief Learning Officer and Vice President
Women Presidents’ Organization

All humans crave safety, belonging, and mattering, or SBM for short. Remember, during times of growth and change, your team is likely experiencing fear – or a lack of SBM - which puts them into what we call Critter State. That’s where we see fight, flight or freeze behavior.

Know what employees cannot do when they are in Critter State? Innovate, create, engage, connect, align, produce, or meaningfully contribute to growth.

Our Employee Engagement & Culture Diagnostic shows you how to leverage SBM to get your team into their Smart State, so they can focus on outcomes and produce the results you want. Understanding who needs S, B, or M, or any combo of the three, and when, is key to unlocking the potential of your culture.

Our Employee Engagement & Culture Diagnostic is a kit that contains 3 proven, neuroscience-based tools and the process to use them:
  • SBM Behavior Decoder – Identify what your people need by learning which behavior cues indicate a lack of S, B, or M and what you can do to fulfill it
  • SBM Communication Tool – Learn the words and phrases that calm the Critter State and guide employees into Smart State
  • SBM Index Process – Find out the SBM level of your organization as a whole and where you need to accommodate a gap in S, B, or M, and present the results in heat-map format for clarity
  • 2 Culture Coaching sessions – 90 minute remote sessions to create your Cultural GAME (Growth, Appreciation, Measurement, Engagement) Plan

Our clients say this is one of the most powerful tools they have ever used. The results are profound.

Employee Engagement & Culture Diagnostic - $7500
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