Creating Optimal Teams

The Neuroscience of Creating Collaboration and Alignment

“Before working with STI we had a terrific group of very capable individuals who weren’t always working effectively as a team. With our rapid growth it was key to raise the bar on leadership and collaboration among all divisions.”

Rick Thompson
VP Talent Management, Rising Medical Solutions


Neuroscience for Creating Collaboration, Alignment, Cohesion

Effective teams are essential to any organization’s success. In this Creating Optimal Teams Workshop you’ll explore how teams form and who you should put together to achieve a given goal. We’ll dive into the subconscious mind to learn how each human being relies on mirror neurons to feel safety, belonging, mattering with one another, and how to capitalize on mirror neurons for peak performance. You will learn how to apply these simple and highly effective techniques to achieve specific business and personal life outcomes. Join us for a workshop that will profoundly and positively shift your ability to create happier, more productive, more inspired teams.



You Will Learn

  • The 3 predictors of highly effective and efficient teams and a framework for identifying and forming the most intelligent teams to raise organizational IQ
  • How the brain collaborates and the surprising truth about creating alignment and engagement
  • The 5 components of strategic thinking and a process to ensure effective and rapid strategy creation
  • The 2 essential pathways the brain follows to determine strategy and to cause insights
  • Meta cognition and how “thinking about thinking” can help us solve problems more accurately and quickly, and make better decisions faster
  • Connectors within a company and how to create natural teaming and a culture of meritocracy