Are you ready to step beyond your
brain and discover the four pillars of
the authentic self?

In this FREE 4 week mini-course, you'll gain:

week 1
Greater Connection


  • Outcome Frame infographic
  • Work-based Outcome Frame video teaching
  • Personal-based Outcome Frame video teaching

week 2
Authentic Communication


  • 6 Phrases for Better Communication Skills infographic
  • The Language that Makes Leaders Look Weak article

week 3
Deeper Relationships


  • Reframing infographic
  • What Stress, Change, and Isolation Do To Your Brain infographic
  • Reframing guidance audio teaching

week 4
The Ability to Shift


  • Emotion Wheel infographic
  • Emotional Resilience assessment
  • Discover the Secret to Controlling Our Emotions article
  • Energetic Process and Gains video teaching

As a gift for doing the personal work of the Beyond Your Brain mini-course, you'll also receive a code for $500 off the in-person 3-day retreat in gorgeous Northern California. Beyond Your Brain is an opportunity to step away from daily pressure and reconnect with yourself. In addition to three intensive, hands-on days at the retreat center, you’ll be invited into a 9 month, self-paced, an online program that will create the framework for your experience.

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