The Neuroscience of Emotional Resilience

Workshop: Learn To Love Change

“This was Christine’s second time at our chapter, and again, her ratings were some of our highest ever! The new neuroscience-based leadership tools she brought us fascinated our members and will be a complete game changers for our businesses and our life’s. Now we’ll be able to navigate change more effectively and swiftly, and help our teams to do so as well.”

Waldemar Toro Davila
YPO Puerto Rico Chapter Chair


Learn To Love Change

Rapid and relentless change is now the norm in today’s global business environment. And yet, 75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional resilience, including:

  • inability to handle interpersonal problems
  • unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict or
  • inability to adapt to change or elicit trust (source: Center for Creative Leadership, 2018).

In this dynamic and highly interactive session, you will learn key neuroscience-based tools to shift a person’s, team’s or an entire company’s mind set with remarkable results. You will learn how to connect and communicate with others more deeply, resulting in profound levels of rapport and trust, and to move through change scenarios more swiftly and powerfully. This program will profoundly and positively shift your ability to navigate change, create a new more positive and empowered culture, and drive better results.



You Will Learn

  • 3 tools that help leaders and individuals to personalize change and respond to it with empowerment vs fear
  • How to shift from problem-focus to outcome focus to create what we want (vs dwelling on what we don’t)
  • How to identify the brain-based “stuck states” and help team members release them swiftly
  • How to build greater communication and trust in change and rapid growth scenarios

Over 1,000 organizations from emerging growth to Fortune 50 have found our tools help them to:

  • Add humor and humanity to the change process, enabling empathy, compassion, empowerment and true collaboration and teamwork
  • Increase team member emotional engagement, loyalty, ownership-focus by 67-100%
  • Enable individuals to become up to 50% more productive
  • Increase revenues and profits by up to 210% annually