Strategy Day

“Working with STI has made a huge positive difference for us in sales, marketing, culture, operational efficiency and leadership overall. Our sales plan is now streamlined, and our reps have compelling new incentives—plus we’re getting great feedback from them. We’re now putting in place a solid ROI structure and can cost-justify our marketing–plus STI introduced us to trusted, cost-effective marketing resources. Our executive team is more focused on our key opportunities and priorities and we now have communication and meeting rhythms throughout the company and with our external sales reps. As a result of our work with STI I have increased visibility of each department and can help guide our company more effectively. Operational efficiency at our company has reached a new level—and we’re raising the bar. The best part is our culture is deepening, our team is emotionally engaged, we know where we’re going and how to get there. STI is helping us focus in on our highest leverage points in sales, marketing, and management. I plan to have them coach many of our executives.”

Asha Chaudhary
CEO, Jaipur Rugs

Strategies are not one size fits all. So why hire a cookie cutter consultant?

One of the things that makes STI different from other firms is our deep operational expertise, our methodology for driving growth, and our ability to customize programs to fit your needs.

Some clients need overall organization planning with a focus on leadership, while others need to focus heavily on culture. Not sure what you need? Set up a call and we’ll figure it out together.

We will develop your Strategy Day through a combination of whichever components will get you the results you want:
  • Coaching: leadership, culture, leadership development
  • Workshops: influencing outcomes, compelling leadership, embracing change, optimal teams
  • Consulting: sales, marketing, organizational strategy
STI Strategy Day - $25,000

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