Culture Coaching

“STI has done a fantastic job in helping us with building our culture of opportunity and accountability.  They have worked with each of us on finding greater clarity on what stokes our true passion as individuals, and how this can be used in service of our team goals and achieving what we really care most about.  In less than two months so far, we are already seeing important improvements in our communication, our focus, both our teams’ excitement and my own, and ultimately in our output.  We look forward to continuing to work together.”

Christopher deCharms
CEO, Omneuron Medical Sciences & Technology Company

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We know the secrets of high-engagement cultures where employees deliver outstanding performance. We have the team, tools and plan to help you craft and cultivate a compelling, energetic culture, resulting in profound levels of trust, teamwork, and results.

And we have clients who have, within 6 months of our coaching:

  • Increased team member engagement, loyalty, ownership-focus by 67-100%
  • Increased team member productivity by 35-50%
  • Raised employee satisfaction/NPS scores by 15-47%
  • Reduced employee stress and sick days by 11-53%
  • Increased employee retention by more than 90%
  • Reduced time to recruit open positions by more than 50%

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