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October 5, 2020

How to Budget in Uncertain Times

It’s that time of the year again… time to create next year’s budget. Budgeting in the best of times is difficult, and now it’s even more […]
August 27, 2020

Are You Getting Enough Hugs?

Are you getting enough hugs? Virginia Satir, a world-renowned family therapist, is famous for saying “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day […]
August 19, 2020

Beat Zoom Fatigue In 4 Neuroscience-Savvy Steps

Do you often find yourself drifting off after only a few minutes in a Zoom meeting? Why? Most likely it’s because we’re not emotionally engaged at […]
July 3, 2020
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The Neuroscience Of Recruiting: Put The Right Person In The Right Role, Every Time [Infographics]

Why do we make hiring and recruiting mistakes? Or even role assignment/placement mistakes? Often it’s because we’re rushed, we don’t have a process that has been […]
June 5, 2020

Losing It? So Is Everyone Else — Research Provides Answers

Burned out on Zoom meetings or social events, yet still want connection with others? Feeling sick of quarantine, a bit edgy/irritable or depressed with a sense […]
May 2, 2020
Lead Through The Pandemic: Here Are 4 Research-Backed Ways

Lead Through The Pandemic: Here Are 4 Research-Backed Ways

A recent article from Gallup posed a timely question:“How do you lead and inspire employees amid a global pandemic that’s creating anxiety and uncertainty everywhere?” As a leadership […]
April 15, 2020
3 Steps To Navigate Corona

3 Steps All Leaders Must Take To Navigate Corona

Over the last few weeks, the challenges that my executive coaching clients have experienced due to corona, fall into two equally high priority buckets. Professional: Working […]
February 3, 2020
Uplevel Your Culture

Uplevel Your Culture

In today’s workforce, there is an increasing gap in human interaction and connection. In fact, the US Chamber of Commerce recently wrote about the need for […]
January 29, 2020

Reframing Your Job Interview

For many, 2020 will be a year of promise, planning, and potentially even a job change. And we all know that before we can move into […]
January 22, 2020
top employee quitting

Your Top Performers Are Going to Quit (5 Signs You Don’t Want to Miss!)

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that one of your top performers are going to quit? If it’s happened to you before, it’s likely left […]
January 15, 2020
truth challenge

Take the Truth Challenge!

How much truth do you tell? The whole truth? The partial truth? The preferred truth? What would happen if you took the Truth Challenge and told […]
January 8, 2020

The Power Of Reframing to Revolutionize 2020

Many of us enter a new year with a sense of desire for change. We want things to feel different, and we set resolutions, intentions, or […]
December 30, 2019

5 Ways to Empower Rock Star Employees

CareerBuilder released a survey a few years ago that stated that 21% of workers planned to change jobs in the course of the year. While some of […]
December 23, 2019

76% Of People Think Mentors Are Important, But Only 37% Have One

Many successful people attribute part of their professional success to having a mentor. And even people who haven’t had a mentor tend to agree that mentors […]
December 16, 2019

3 Practices To Become A Great Listener

Are any of these phrases familiar to you? If so, you may need to brush up on what it means to be a great listener. “You […]
December 9, 2019
a more creative team

Want A More Creative Team? Help Them Be More Mindful

Recently our team had tons of complex deadlines where they were doing work that was new to them. New challenges, new people to collaborate with, new […]
December 2, 2019
VAK Anchoring

Use VAK Anchoring to Change Your Life

All day, every day, our systems are flooded with sensory information. These visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues often recall our beliefs about the world and ourselves (our […]
November 18, 2019
strategy session with team

Strategy Myths & Tools

We all know that setting a strategy matters. It’s one of the first steps to steer your company to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. […]
November 11, 2019
boost your brain power

Boost Your Brain Power With More Sleep

What if 20 more minutes of sleep could boost your brain and improve your work performance 2-3x? Would you make more of an effort to get […]
November 5, 2019
Bust Your Leadership Blindspots

Bust Your Leadership Blindspots In 3 Steps

All leaders have blindspots. The question is, do you know what yours are? Click To Tweet If you’re not sure, take this 7 minute assessment to find […]
October 28, 2019
The Neuroscience of Motivation

The Neuroscience of Motivation

What creates passion, loyalty, drive, peak performance and even love for one’s organization? Motivation does. With a clear vision of success, available resources, who they can […]
October 21, 2019

What Keeping Secrets Does to Your Brain

Secrets. We all have them, and everyone you know is keeping secrets. The question is: What does that do to your brain? One of our clients […]
October 14, 2019
STI Article About Ego

Manage Your Ego Or It’ll Manage You!

As an executive coach, I hear lots of limiting beliefs and stories when working on growing our clients’ organizations and engaging their cultures. Throughout my coaching […]
September 8, 2019

How To Keep Working During Personal Hardship

Once you reach your 40s, or possibly earlier, you’re likely to have experienced a profound personal hardship and had to navigate through it while keeping your […]
August 21, 2019

Are You Scaring Your Team Into Critter State?

As a leadership and culture coach, I often see great leaders who want the best for their people. Somehow, however, they manage to block their success. […]
May 18, 2019
Why do people struggle in relationships and with their communication skills? It’s because they don’t use the right words. Well, they might be the right words for you, but are they the right words that the other person needs to her?

The 6 Phrases For Better Communication Skills

Why do people struggle in relationships and with their communication skills? It’s because they don’t use the right words. Well, they might be the right words […]
April 19, 2019
The 7 Most Common Ways Leaders Unknowingly Sabotage Their Team

Sabotage: The 7 Most Common Ways Leaders Unknowingly Hurt Their Teams

Sometimes leaders call me saying they want help to fix their team. That’s always a red flag for me, and it immediately makes me wonder what […]
April 1, 2019

3 Steps To Access Your Hidden Brain Power

Oprah has it. Steve Jobs had it. Mark Zuckerberg has it but recently didn’t listen to it and paid a huge price. Elon Musk made the […]
March 22, 2019

What Being Excluded Does To Your Brain

We are want to be included, to belong to the tribe. Our brains are constantly scanning our environment and our interactions to determine if we “fit […]

September 14, 2010

Featuring the Number One Expert in YOUR Niche…. YOU

If you are 100% ready to launch yourself into a new place and to create all of these things, I will MAKE room in my BAI program for you right now, IF you are serious. (And I’ve added new dates all over the country if the West Coast isn’t your thing!) Teaching my Mighty Formula for Executive Evolution is MY expertise AND my best gift to you and our economy.
September 10, 2010

SMART Goal Setting and Business Acceleration, by The Executive Coach, Christine Comaford

The Executive Coach, Business Accelerator Christine Comaford shares some of her best advice on SMART Goal Setting and REAL decision making for growth.
April 8, 2010

The $10,000 Blog Response, by Christine Comaford

Christine Comaford shares her best business acceleration plan to help her readers reach 7 Figure Business Success. Funding, Financing, Model and Moxy!
April 5, 2010

Pricing FAQ to Build a 7 Figure Success Story in your Business! By Christine Comaford

7 Figure Business Builder, Christine Comaford, on pricing and when you should low ball your product or service. Business acceleration at its best.
February 6, 2010

6 Steps to ROCK Rejection and Seize Success – 7 Figure Business Builder Tips

The 7 Figure Business Builder, Christine Comaford, shares her million-dollar advice on how to ROCK Rejection and Seize Success – 7 Figure Business Builder Tips. You can learn from Christine in person at her 7 Figure Business Summit in April. Early bird pricing ends in just a few days. Get all of the details at http://www.bit.ly/5dHdCp.
January 14, 2010

Step #3 on Networking Basics from The 7 Figure Business Builder

When you’re building your 7 Figure Success Story, this is one of the toughest things for some of us to master, but it’s VITAL. If you have trouble with this, you might want to attend my personal mentoring weekend and get my personal attention AND the attention of 19 other rockin’ CEOs. Because NOT having this step at work in your life and business will be a dead end to your success. http://www.MightyVentures.com/bai
December 28, 2009

Your Compelling Financing Pitch

This week, I’m all about financing.  Financing is a VITAL part of growing a real business.  This begins with a killer FINANCING PITCH.  Remember, value boosting […]
December 27, 2009

A New Decade and a New Path to Success

A mentor who has built a business or two (or ten) is vital to your success. I have a fantastic mentoring program for all levels of business – and one especially designed for NEW (or struggling) entrepreneurs. Visit http://www.bit.ly/iBmuI to sign up for my very affordable monthly mentoring program AND get my free CD.
December 26, 2009

Build Your List with Leverage: Joint Ventures and Affiliates

Remember, marketing is an ongoing adventure, so be sure you keep this in mind as you build JVs and affiliates. A large part of marketing success is in testing to find out what is and isn’t effective, so be sure to track and measure these efforts carefully to see which bring results now.

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