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How To Make Good Habits Easy And Bad Habits Hard

My friend is an Elementary School teacher specializing in Emotionally Disturbed kids and working on a campus dedicated to that population. She spends the first month of school teaching her students how to behave in the classroom: how to line up, how to greet her every morning (she asks them to look her in the […]

Why You Need An Accountability Partner?

An accountability partner is a friend or colleague that you’ll call weekly at a set time to report the status of the goals you set during the previous call. You’ll discuss any challenges you’re having and seek your partner’s input, and you’ll commit to additional goals to be achieved by your next call. Similarly, you’ll check […]

Want To Be Promoted? Cultivate These 4 Traits

What makes someone “high potential”? Can we predict rock stars at early stages of their careers? What key traits must be identified and cultivated to help stars (talent) achieve their full potential? According to Kevin Ochsner, a neuroscientist at Columbia University, it all comes down to the brain and how we’re wired, plus which traits […]

What Will Move The Needle For Your Business?

What Will Move The Needle? A Partner at an investment banking firm in the Midwest came to us with the following challenge. His firm was struggling with low accountability and poor communication. As a result, sales performance was crashing into the abyss—it was time to turn this situation around, and pronto. By setting corporate and departmental needle […]

The Number One Neuroscience Game-Changing Tool All Leaders Need For The New Year

Who do you work with that just drives you bonkers? Do you wish there was a way to wave a magic wand and instantly remove the immediate irritation, angst and frustration you associate with them? While I don’t have a magic wand, thanks to neuroscience, I do have a practical tool that you can start […]

The Secret To Surviving Your Holiday Office Party

It’s December and we know what that means… office holiday parties! Ugly holiday sweaters, gift exchanges, celebrating the end of the year and getting ready to start 2016 off on the right foot. While some look forward to this annual celebration, there are many of us that just dread the idea. The thought of putting […]

Get Rid Of Office Conflict For Good

Are stress, anger and conflict common themes in your organization? Are deadlines being missed, accountability consistently dropped and a lack of understanding and/or rapport prevalent? We have a new neuroscience-based tool for your toolbox that will help you gain new insights, develop the skill of stepping back, experiencing another’s map of reality and target specific behavior […]

Are You Outcome Focused?

As leaders shift from a problem to an outcome oriented focus & culture, something cool happens: we shift ourselves! Are You Outcome Focused?

Is Technology Making Us Dumb And Numb?

As we spend more and more time connected to technology, we’re spending less and less time connected to each other. And as we spend more and more time connected to technology, we’re multitasking more. That’s a problem. Multitasking reduces gray matter density in the area of the brain called the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC). Susan […]

The Key To Developing Influence

Here’s the thing about influence: it’s not about how may people you can tell what to do. It’s about how many people you can understand, empower, and motivate. So the key to developing influence is developing your ability to build rapport, or connect with anyone. And the key to developing rapport is flexibility of behavior […]

Achieve Your Goals Faster: The Latest Neuroscience of Goal Attainment

Why do we fail at achieving goals? The answer is in your brain—and your blood pressure. And high blood pressure can help you keep goals on track. Emily Balcetis, a social psychologist from NYU, recently explained how properly set goals boosts our systolic blood pressure (SBP), which is the measurement of our body being geared […]

The Importance Of Safety Belonging & Mattering At Work & In Life

Safety, belonging, and mattering are essential to your brain and your ability to perform at work, at home, and in life overall. The greater the feeling of safety, both emotional and physical so we can take risks; the greater the feeling of connection with others, or the feeling that we’re in this together and we […]

5 Ways To Remain Jedi Calm In A Dark Side Workplace

Luke Skywalker: “How am I to know the good side from the bad?” Yoda: “You will know when you are calm. At peace, passive.” When you arrive at work, are you entering an environment fueled by the Dark Side or the Light Side? Just like in Star Wars, there are Darth Vaders running amok in many […]

Logical Levels Of Change

Logical Levels of Change is the process of getting from Stuck to Smart. It involves working six distinct logical levels of change. These levels were first identified by social scientist Gregory Bateson. I see them as concentric rings. The symptoms are the environment, behavior, and capability rings. The system are the beliefs, identity, and core/culture […]

10 Quick And Easy Tips To Rock Your Next Job Interview

What can you, the talent, do to stand out during your interview? How can you ensure that the interviewer sees your value and can convey that you are the best choice for the position? First, let’s take a moment to examine the view from the interviewer’s perspective. Many of our clients ask for help in […]

Take Time To Embrace Inner Peace

Let’s Embrace Inner Peace! Taking time to embrace inner peace is something every highly accomplished leader I know learns to stop the world and to stop their thoughts, on command. This is one of the best ways to make key decisions, to determine if a competitive action is truly a threat, to see future products, […]

Can You Tell The Truth For An Entire Week?

How much truth do you tell? The whole truth? The partial truth? The preferred truth? I’ve been noticing how uncomfortable truth can be for people to hear, and I’m getting really curious as to why we lie so often. When did it become “not ok” to say what was really going on? When did we […]

What Role Do You Play?

What role do you play? We all have a default role, one we learned early in life. This role has shaped our lives, and it is often what prevents us from fostering sustainability in ourselves and in our teams. Our roles may keep us (or others) in our Critter State, or cause unhealthy dependency. Being […]

How Great Leaders Build Trust With 4 Brain-Based Tools

Recently one of my executive coaching clients came to me with this question. “Christine, my team is disengaged and disconnected. I am being drained daily by high stress, high distrust and chaos. How can I get my team to trust my company and to trust me?” The issue of trust can make or break an […]

Gain Energy In 5 Minutes

Do you feel totally drained by the end of the week or even by the end of the day? You can gain energy! Here’s a quick (literally 5-minutes) way to recall your energy. Enjoy!

Discover, Engage And Sustain Workplace Talent In Three Simple Steps

Leaders today need all the leverage they can get. We need to get more from ourselves, our teams, our company overall. Developing workplace talent is the major factor that will create sustainable and substantial success in your company–this will only increase in the near future. Plus, the impact of not developing workplace talent will impact […]

Stuck? Do This And Get Your Leadership Groove Back

Is your life running beautifully like the proverbial well-oiled machine, or is it stuck or stalled in low gear? Got Your Groove? Maybe you’re thinking, “Everything is great, I feel totally connected to myself and my purpose, there is nothing I need right now.” If that’s the case, you can put this blog down and […]

7 Tips To Boost Sales In August

Our favorite door opener Caryn Kopp has these terrific tips for selling in August — thought we’d share! Why waste the month of August cleaning your office? Make the most of your summer byseizing new business opportunities while your competition plays miniature golf!  Most business owners and salespeople assume making calls in August is pointless […]

The Connection Between Peace & Power

You’re the CEO of your own life, and maybe even of your own business, so you often have to deal with power. As we go through life and meet people, we learn about power—specifically who has it and who doesn’t. Got Power? You’ll always be dealing with people who have (or think they have) power […]

How Great Leaders Build Trust And Increase Employee Engagement

So how do great leaders do it? Have you ever done something with the best intentions only to have it backfire? Understanding how to light up the brain’s reward network and stay out of the pain network can help you to avoid common pitfalls (thanks to Naomi Eisenberger of UCLA for her research here). The […]

Be Cool Under Pressure–6 Steps To Save Face

Handling Pressure is Possible Pet peeves, irritation, triggers, negativity… are these pressures part of your daily life or things that only happen once in a while? Do you look forward to or do you dread the moments between your morning cup of coffee and reading your first email? Respond Versus React We are all human, […]

Get Behavior Change That Lasts Using Neuroscience

This blog article is about getting behavior change that lasts. In my previous blog, “How Humans Experience The World” we analyzed human behavior and the structure of how it happens. Here’s a quick recap: Vs + As = Ks -> Beliefs -> Identity (beliefs about self) = Behavior The Vs (visuals or pictures we see […]