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January 15, 2009

Increase Revenues with Education-Based Marketing

Increase Revenues with Education-Based Marketing In a recent conversation with one of my sales guru pals, we agonized over why so many small businesses have such a […]
January 14, 2009

“Course-Correcting” for Growth

Expanding a company is a process requiring constant change. One key quality for a leader is the ability to get back on track when something has […]
January 13, 2009

Wisdom from Rules for Renegades

Wit and Wisdom – from Christine Comaford If you feel you have enough background and enough maturity to fast-forward into the next phase of your life, […]
January 12, 2009

Wisdom from Rules for Renegades

Get your GSD to Succeed.  (That’s Get Stuff Done, btw)  You weren’t born into a life of privilege? Didn’t go to the right college? Don’t have […]
January 10, 2009

Make Your Financing Pitch Sizzle

How you pitch your company determines whether you get the right partners, favorable financing terms, super executives, and best shot at success. If you’re a South […]
January 6, 2009

My Theme for 2009

Every year I have a theme. Sometimes I repeat them, if I don’t get it quite right. For instance my themes for both 2006 and 2007 […]
December 23, 2008

The Power of Positioning

You know who you are. But do your customers? Are you who you were last year? If not, have you communicated how you’ve changed?Many emerging growth […]
December 2, 2008

Rules for Raising Capital

Recession Buster:  Getting money isn’t difficult, but getting the right money at the right time on the right terms is what matters. Here’s how to do […]
November 27, 2008

Surfing as a Metaphor for Business and Life

I was recently on the gorgeous island of Maui. While surfing (park at mile marker 12 near Ukumehame Beach Park for nice swells!) I realized how the […]
November 18, 2008

How to Boost the Value of Your Business

A company is worth what a buyer perceives. Time-tested ways to increase the value of yours include adding new sales channels and locking in strategic alliances […]
November 15, 2008

Turbo-Charge Your Product Launch To Optimize Buzz

When launching a new product or service, go for the value, not the flash. Value builds revenue, company growth, future funding. Flash is transitory. Your public […]
November 3, 2008

Five Mistakes Companies Make During Downturns

By Christine Comaford Here’s the reality: companies make mistakes all the time. In an economic downturn, however, avoiding the big slip ups becomes all the more […]
July 25, 2008

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Power

Hey Everyone, I’ve been thinking about power a lot lately. And here’s what I’ve come up with. Many people currently: Feel a sense of powerlessness in […]
July 4, 2008

What Independence Means

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  July 4th is my second favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is first). Each year on this day I reflect on freedom and what it […]
June 16, 2008

Surfing as a metaphor for business and life

   I’m on the gorgeous island of Maui. While surfing the other day (park at mile marker 12 near Ukumehame Beach Park for nice swells!) I […]
January 13, 2008

New Year, New YOU in 2008!

 Do you set New Year’s Resolutions for your business? I
January 1, 2008

2008 Theme: Connection

Every year I have a theme. Sometimes I repeat them
December 30, 2007

Dorrance Scholars

This July I had the great good fortune to visit the