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January 24, 2010

Mentoring at EVERY Level – with The 7 Figure Business Builder, Christine Comaford

Gang, by now, statistics say that 9 out of 10 people (or more) have given up on their new year’s resolutions.  I don’t want that to […]
January 23, 2010

Step #3 to Gaining Exposure and Building Credibility

Step #3 Practice the Law of Attraction: Everyone talks about it, few do it properly. Here’s the deal: you must stop resisting and stop pushing to […]
January 22, 2010

Step #2 to Gaining Exposure and Boosting Your Credibility

Get quoted!  Super simple and super effective!  Sign up for www.LinkedIn.com  and start answering LinkedIn questions. This will boost your rating in the LinkedIn community and […]
January 21, 2010

Gaining Exposure and Boosting Your Credibility in 3 Steps

I want to spend a few minutes this week and blog on boosting your profile and your credibility. This is a constant process, I kid you […]
January 20, 2010

Relationship Don’ts! IF you want a REAL 7 Figure Business

Before we finish networking and relationship marketing, let’s cover one of the huge don’ts.  One way to botch a relationship is to breech trust. The main […]
January 19, 2010

Wrapping up Networking for 7 Figure Business Building

Here’s the bottom line.  If you’re going to create a 7 Figure Business, you need to understand that networking is about creating an extended family. It’s […]
January 18, 2010

Step #6 on Networking Basics from The 7 Figure Business Builder

Okay folks. Here’s the last step in my Networking Basics Series.  If you implement just ONE of these each week, you’ll be moving forward on your […]
January 16, 2010

Step #5 on Networking Basics from The 7 Figure Business Builder

If you read yesterday’s blog, you saw my inspirational note at the top, where I said you CAN build the 7 Figure Business of your dreams […]
January 15, 2010

Step #4 on Networking Basics from The 7 Figure Business Builder

7 Figure Business Building is not a dream, and it’s not a joke.  If you’re SERIOUS and you use a rockin’ mentor, you CAN create that […]
January 14, 2010

Step #3 on Networking Basics from The 7 Figure Business Builder

When you’re building your 7 Figure Success Story, this is one of the toughest things for some of us to master, but it’s VITAL. If you have trouble with this, you might want to attend my personal mentoring weekend and get my personal attention AND the attention of 19 other rockin’ CEOs. Because NOT having this step at work in your life and business will be a dead end to your success. http://www.MightyVentures.com/bai
January 13, 2010

Step #2 in Networking Basics from The 7 Figure Business Builder

Here’s another tool for Networking Basics. Remember, there’s no wiggle room on these if you want to create REAL relationships and REAL results now. Being The 7 Figure Business Builder is full throttle, believe me, but I STILL make time to practice these principals of networking everyday. So rock on CEOs and entrepreneurs!
January 12, 2010

Networking BASICS from The 7 Figure Business Builder

Networking Basics is a good time to consider your handshake. Pay attention to it for just one day. For a 7 Figure Business Builder, you can’t […]
January 11, 2010

How to Make Networking WORK for You!

Well, the cat’s out of the bag. The #1 ways to find new clients and business are networking and word of mouth – what does that boil down to? RELATIONSHIPS. Before we really get into networking, we need to talk about emotional equity. Emotional equity is when others care so much about you that they take your goals and desires personally. They want to help you get what you want. Here’s the formula to create emotional equity and a 7 Figure Business.
January 10, 2010

The Last Two Ingredients for a Rockin’ Business Plan For 7 Figure Success

Here’s the last two ingredients for your 10-step Business Plan. Spend the time it takes to complete all ten of these items—do the best you can, but get it done. Bear in mind that the structure of your business will change over time, too. So be willing to adjust, shift, and move with the market changes, new technology, etc.
January 9, 2010

Business Plan Continued – 3 More Steps to 7 Figure Success

Okay, if you have followed this line of blogs and you’re taking notes, the next three pieces of a successful Business Plan are Product, Defensiblity and Competition. With these three things in place, you’re solidly on your way to gaining the financing you need and creating your 7 Figure Success Story.
January 8, 2010

Success Steps 4 and 5 on Business Model and Business Plan

we’re fully into 2010 now, and if you have not taken the time to closely look at your business model and business plan, you’re risking your 7 Figure Success Story – so get on it! Here’s steps 4 (Company Info) and 5 (Financial Info) to creating a successful Business Plan.
January 7, 2010

More on Business Model and Business Plan!

With the new year, let's talk about refreshing your Business Model and Business Plan. It’s a crime to work so hard on writing a business plan, only to sabotage your chances of getting funded by omitting or shortchanging the key components.
January 5, 2010

Keep Your Eye on the 7 Figure Prize

This week, we’ll be talking about business model and business plan. Be sure to always keep your top priorities at the forefront of everything you do when you’re creating a 7 Figure Success Story.
January 4, 2010

3 Success Steps to Systemizing Your Business

It's 2010, and there's an ABUNDANCE of "new" messages out there about "new" goals and new opportunities. But without some tried and true basics in place, nothing will be new. Below find my three TOP success steps to systemizing your business. These are the launching pad for a 7 Figure Business and 7 Figure Success. Be sure to get my free CD also and become part of my easily accessible $97 / month video mentoring. My CD comes with a free two-week trial as well. http://www.bit.ly/42GZhJ
January 2, 2010

Standard Operating Procedures (or SOPs) Streamline Workflow

Let’s kick off 2010 with a real foundation for success: Standard Operating Procedures. What is an SOP and why do you need it? SOPs are simply […]
January 1, 2010

Want REAL Success for 2010? 7-Figure Success? Identifying Your Needle Movers

Well folks, it’s 2010.  And that’s no joke.  If you’re still trying to clean up 2009 and haven’t yet defined your needle movers, you’re quite likely […]
December 30, 2009

Millionaire Maker Computer Babe #1

Today starts a once-a-week intention on my part to share a few personal anecdotes with you all.  One of my favorite stories is traveling from Paris […]
December 28, 2009

Your Compelling Financing Pitch

This week, I’m all about financing.  Financing is a VITAL part of growing a real business.  This begins with a killer FINANCING PITCH.  Remember, value boosting […]
December 27, 2009

A New Decade and a New Path to Success

A mentor who has built a business or two (or ten) is vital to your success. I have a fantastic mentoring program for all levels of business – and one especially designed for NEW (or struggling) entrepreneurs. Visit http://www.bit.ly/iBmuI to sign up for my very affordable monthly mentoring program AND get my free CD.
December 26, 2009

Build Your List with Leverage: Joint Ventures and Affiliates

Remember, marketing is an ongoing adventure, so be sure you keep this in mind as you build JVs and affiliates. A large part of marketing success is in testing to find out what is and isn’t effective, so be sure to track and measure these efforts carefully to see which bring results now.
December 24, 2009

Creating a Killer Sales Page to Move People to Action

There are MANY ways to run a sales page -- some good and some not so good. Whatever you decide, just be sure to measure how many people visit the sales page and how many become your paying customers. Remember THAT is the only measure of results now that really matters. Everything else is just the groundwork. And results now are what lead to CEO freedom.
December 23, 2009

Tips to Build Fans and Clients – Write Sizzling Copy: Email and Landing Pages

Writing sizzling website and sales letter copy is an art. And it is one way to build real results — results NOW — and that is […]
December 22, 2009

A Surefire Strategy for Success in Internet Marketing

In the spirit of great free gifts with TONS of value, if you haven’t gotten my FREE CD on the “6 SECRETS to Creating More Time, Money, Freedom & FUN In Your Business," you’re simply leaving money on the table. Click here and let me help you get serious about living a better life and building a bigger success story. http://www.bit.ly/iBmuI
December 21, 2009

Using Autoresponders to build relationships and extend offers

Autoresponders are pre-written emails triggered by a specific event, such as an order being placed. They are a terrific way to build relationships with your customers, follow up on orders, encourage them to use the product they bought from you, give them tips to success, etc., etc. All of this adds up to a more dynamic relationship and of course, results now. Results “later” are fine for the hobby business builder, but for CEOs looking for CEO freedom, it is results NOW that will create your end game.
December 18, 2009

What is Success?

Christine Comaford's self-defined success is helping to build OTHER people's businesses and fortunes. Her success benchmark is moving them from results later to results NOW. To build a level of CEO freedom that leads to success on every level – business, family, health, communities. You see, success is contagious. If you are 100% ready for that kind of business acceleration and CEO freedom -- if you're ready to ROCK your business -- go to http://www.mightyventures.com/bai and grab one of those spots right now. Because for real self-defined success seekers, later simply won’t do.