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Success Story of the Month – January!

So most of you know my story by now.  After building massive success and writing Rules for Renegades, I retired.  But as they say in the movies, I just kept getting pulled back in.  There were simply too many struggling entrepreneurs NOT getting the direction they needed to build their companies into something viable and BIG. So I launched several mentoring […]

How do I generate more cashflow in the next 30 days?

Over the past 20 years I’ve seen a lot of useless business planning resources. The start-ups who base their plan of attack on generic materials that never survive the intense blasts of scrutiny discharged on the boardroom battlefield. And the intrapreneurs, forging new businesses from the inside, who are shot down before gaining a foothold. […]

You Gotta’ get a Dream Team to Rock Your Success!

Here’s a great tool to build your company’s Dream Team! As some of you may have read in my New Year’s blog, my them for 2009 is CONNECTIONS.  Networking and connecting — THAT is what ’09 is all about.  After all, people are the most important component of a successful business. Take some time to choose […]

Definitely Create an Advisory Board to Build BIG Success

We all can benefit from advisors—they’re the friends from the trenches who’ve been on the business battlefield longer than we have. Or they’re friends who’re from a different industry or field who provide a unique perspective. Or they’re seasoned or high profile executives who lend you credibility, thus helping you secure customers, financing, or approval […]

Belly Dancing as a Metaphor for Business and Life

As some of you may know, I ended my marriage in January 2008. Like all marriages that don’t work out, this was a long and painful process. By the end of it, I was feeling more than a little disconnected to my “Goddess” self. I felt unattractive and exhausted.As I weighed my options to reclaim […]

Ten Steps to Your GSD (Get Stuff Done)

A GSD means always maximizing your forward motion while minimizing your drag coefficient. Here are 10 steps to build your momentum. 1. Rock responsibility.?Say bye-bye to blaming others because your life isn’t working or you don’t have what you want. Ditto for complaining, which is blame disguised. You’re no one’s victim. Everything in our lives, […]

Wisdom from Rules for Renegades – More on your GSD Degree (Get Stuff DONE!)

Frequent Flying with the Fab Four The key to your GSD is to avoid being overly pushy, which turns people off and makes them back away from helping you. I’ll admit that it’s been a lifelong challenge for me to learn when to back off if I’m coming on too strong and to appreciate that […]

Wisdom from Rules for Renegades – More on your GSD Degree (Get Stuff DONE!)

As an intrapreneur you’ll need your GSD available all the time, and often it involves acting like an owner of the business. Harold, a procurement manager at a manufacturing company, wanted real-time quotes from suppliers in order to reduce costs, avoid overpaying, and improve operational efficiency. He repeatedly cost-justified the company’s need for this system, […]

Tools for Overcoming Adversity

Think about a novel or movie that you found engaging. Why was it so? Conflict. Conflict makes a story interesting, it moves the story forward, engages the reader/viewer, causes the protagonist to stretch, grow, and take risks. Adversity is good—as long as you move through it to the other side.   There are many types of […]

Wisdom from Rules for Renegades

Goal Setting Getting a GSD Degree (Get Stuff Done) also requires goal setting, which helps you both clarify your purpose in your career and plan your next two promotions. You may not be able to visualize yourself as the CEO, but what are the next two rungs you want to climb? What will it take […]

How to Create a Killer Business Plan

Life is marketing.  Marketing ourselves personally and professionally, marketing our products, marketing our ideas.  Every day we are constantly marketing or being marketed to. What constantly amazes me, is that knowing this, so few early stage entrepreneurs market their startup effectively.  The business plan, executive summary, and financing pitch are the ultimate marketing tools. Marketing […]

Wit and Wisdom from Rules for Renegades

Just a reminder to all of you — you can get all of my Rules for Renegades wisdom in the book — and you can get the book (a NY Times Best Seller) for free!  Go to — you pay the S&H, I get the rest.  Just my way to inspire a little “entrepreneurial […]

Wisdom from Rules for Renegades

Today, as we head full force into 2009, I want to share a really important idea with all of you. Renegades design the right reality, both for themselves and their companies. But what is reality? Are you sure? When I began my study of human potential, an oft-repeated refrain was the concept that everything is […]

Increase Revenues with Education-Based Marketing

Increase Revenues with Education-Based Marketing In a recent conversation with one of my sales guru pals, we agonized over why so many small businesses have such a tough time business building and ramping up sales. It’s because they’re pitching, not educating. Seems obvious, right? Wrong. As we compared notes I knew I had to write this […]

“Course-Correcting” for Growth

Expanding a company is a process requiring constant change. One key quality for a leader is the ability to get back on track when something has gone awry  Sure, competency, reliability, professionalism, a positive attitude, and respect for others are the qualities that will get you into the leadership game. But what do you do […]

Wisdom from Rules for Renegades

Wit and Wisdom – from Christine Comaford If you feel you have enough background and enough maturity to fast-forward into the next phase of your life, go for it. It’s important to let those feelings take over and start to make things happen. Don’t stick with the status quo just because it’s comfortable or familiar—that’s […]

Wisdom from Rules for Renegades

Get your GSD to Succeed.  (That’s Get Stuff Done, btw)  You weren’t born into a life of privilege? Didn’t go to the right college? Don’t have a trust fund? Welcome to the meritocracy of entrepreneurship: results are what bestow privilege, create credentials, and build bucks. People think there’s a secret sauce to success that comes […]

Make Your Financing Pitch Sizzle

How you pitch your company determines whether you get the right partners, favorable financing terms, super executives, and best shot at success. If you’re a South Park fan, you’ll remember the episode called the “Underpants Gnomes,” in which gnomes have built a business based on stealing underpants from the residents of South Park. When the […]

My Theme for 2009

Every year I have a theme. Sometimes I repeat them, if I don’t get it quite right. For instance my themes for both 2006 and 2007 were Acceptance, as accepting people exactly as they are has been challenging for me. Now I’m getting pretty good at it! 2008’s theme was Connection, and I’m repeating it […]

The Power of Positioning

You know who you are. But do your customers? Are you who you were last year? If not, have you communicated how you’ve changed?Many emerging growth companies struggle with the positioning of their firms, and the communication of what they stand for. Without properly communicating your position, the market doesn’t know whether to buy from […]

Rules for Raising Capital

Recession Buster:  Getting money isn’t difficult, but getting the right money at the right time on the right terms is what matters. Here’s how to do it By Christine Comaford, Business Accelerator and CEO of Mighty Ventures Quick: What does CEO stand for? I say “Cash Extraction Officer.” Sure, you can get by for a […]

Surfing as a Metaphor for Business and Life

I was recently on the gorgeous island of Maui. While surfing (park at mile marker 12 near Ukumehame Beach Park for nice swells!) I realized how the sport provides a perfect metaphor for how to navigate one’s business and life. The Hawaiians say “Never turn your back on the ocean.” This means don’t turn your back […]

How to Boost the Value of Your Business

A company is worth what a buyer perceives. Time-tested ways to increase the value of yours include adding new sales channels and locking in strategic alliances All too often banks, potential investors, and creditors will determine a company’s value based on financial statements. This is a mistake. Financials don’t come close to telling the true […]

Turbo-Charge Your Product Launch To Optimize Buzz

When launching a new product or service, go for the value, not the flash. Value builds revenue, company growth, future funding. Flash is transitory. Your public launch of a product or service will raise the profile of your company.  It’s a marketing event – a kickoff party of sorts, so be prepared. What you need […]

Five Mistakes Companies Make During Downturns

By Christine Comaford Here’s the reality: companies make mistakes all the time. In an economic downturn, however, avoiding the big slip ups becomes all the more crucial. Small business owners tend to react impulsively at times, and while this may earn them some points for courage, in a rough economy they should definitely take the […]

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Power

Hey Everyone, I’ve been thinking about power a lot lately. And here’s what I’ve come up with. Many people currently: Feel a sense of powerlessness in their business or life Are in overwhelm–and if they aren’t, they remember a recent time when they were! Keep looking for the “next thing” to return them to power. […]

What Independence Means

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  July 4th is my second favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is first). Each year on this day I reflect on freedom and what it means to me. Freedom = Choice Choice to build a business that SERVES YOU, not that YOU SERVE. Think about it. There’s a huge difference between the two. When your business serves […]

Surfing as a metaphor for business and life

   I’m on the gorgeous island of Maui. While surfing the other day (park at mile marker 12 near Ukumehame Beach Park for nice swells!) I realized how the sport provides a perfect metaphor for how to navigate one’s business and life. The Hawaiians say “Never turn your back on the ocean.” This means don’t […]