Jeff Hoffman

Former Vice President/General Manager, Baxter Manufacturing

STI has provided the exact burst of momentum our team was ready for. Their practical, easy to learn and use techniques quickly engaged our leaders to perform at much higher levels. STI has positively and profoundly positioned us for future growth.

Scott Patsiga

President, Telaid

Working with STI is efficient, effective, and high on ROI. STI brings a proven set of Best Practices to the table that streamlines the sales and marketing process and delivers results. If you want to take your sales and marketing to the next level, you’ll want them on your team.

Sharon MacDonald

CEO Model 55

When I first met Christine I knew we had to work together, but wasn’t sure what the return on investment in coaching could truly be. Now I know what it is: I think bigger working with Christine – we will double (or greater) our revenue this year as a result of my increased ability to create new strategies, expand my vision, see into my blind spots.

Chris Whitney

CEO, Trans-Phos

I knew our team was remarkable, but seeing them dive into greater depths of leadership, enrolling and engaging others, collaborating in new and powerful ways, embracing new skills and helping to cultivate and elevate others has been a profoundly fulfilling experience. I can’t wait to see what our next year with STI brings. Thanks STI for helping us step into our huge potential!

Brandon Ewing

CEO Server Technology, Inc.

Through coaching I’m learning to let go more, and have optimized my time to do more strategic (and fulfilling) work—and most importantly have more time with my family. I am no longer focused on how activities are getting accomplished down in the weeds, but enjoying the benefits of having a strategic focus and determining the direction of where the organization is headed. The one-on-one attention that STI has given myself and the key members of my executive management team are the reason for us becoming a more strategic and aligned organization.

Abigail Kampmann

CEO Principle Auto Group

I’ve been to some of the top business growth programs in the country, and I’ve found STI’s methodology to be among the most effective. The positive transformation our company has experienced with STI has been profound. As a result, it’s now easier to recruit new associates, to onboard them, to bring them powerfully into our high-performing tribe. What a difference STI’s proven processes make!

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