Case Study: Improving Strategic Focus, Building Culture And Becoming A Best Place To Work

Company: Server Technology, Inc

Industry: IT Services

Revenue size: Mid-Market

Employees: ~300

About: Server Technology is a family-owned and operated business that has been recognized as the global leader of intelligent power distribution products and solutions for data centers and telecommunications operations.

STI Programs: Leadership Coaching, Culture Coaching, Strategy Days, Neuroscience of Influence Workshop, Leadership Retreats, Leadership Development Programs, Sales And Marketing Intensive

“What is empowerment, really? We wanted to bring our amazing team to the next level, and STI is helping us to do just that. First, it had to start with me. Through coaching I’m learning to let go more, and have optimized my time to do more strategic (and fulfilling) work—and most importantly have more time with my family.  I am no longer focused on how activities are getting accomplished down in the weeds, but enjoying the benefits of having a strategic focus and determining the direction of where the organization is headed.  The one-on-one attention that STI has given myself and the key members of my executive management team are the reason for us becoming a more strategic and aligned organization.

As a company we now:

  • Have clearly defined goals with key results that define the metrics on how we measure the success of the organization.
  • Have goals that are agreed upon and aligned  throughout the entire organization
  • Everyone within the organization knows what we need to do, why, how, when, and the impact our actions have
  • Have new fresh skills for tackling challenging conversations, giving rich and useful feedback, aligning and enrolling others
  • Have developed a Culture Calendar to ensure we all grow and support one another in creating a consistently great place to work

 As a result, together we’re:

  • Continuously surpassing revenue goals and getting increasingly comfortable with even loftier revenue targets.
  • Achieving new highs in production
  • Diversifying our client base while getting closer to and more involved in our key clients business's
  • Gaining visibility on the business and have a lot less stress
  • Helping the team across the entire organization to perform at greater levels with deeper fulfillment
  • Receiving a “Best Places to Work” award based on voting by our employees.
  • Now I really know what empowerment is. Our people live it, and so do I.” 

Brandon Ewing
Server Technology, Inc.

“Over the past six months I’ve been in STI’s Culture Coaching program. Wow! We have achieved tremendous results! They include:

  • A complete Cultural GAME (Growth, Appreciation, Measurement, Engagement) plan
  • Growth: we have launched Individual Development Plans, Leadership Development Program,  Leadership Lunches, neuroscience-based trainings on influence, leadership, change, teams, we have enhanced Performance Reviews and more frequent Feedback
  • Appreciation: we’ve enhanced our individual and team-specific celebration/acknowledgement, and have added appreciation techniques that are positively and powerfully received
  • Measurement: our new needle-mover-based accountability structures have helped our executives to connect corporate goals to departments and teams—we all have great clarity on how we’re contributing to the greater good, how important our contributions are, we understand what is expected of us and have terrific visibility on how we’re performing
  • Engagement: our mission, vision, values have been refreshed to be super motivated and are creating a deep experience of tribe—they are more engaging, and are being embodied across our company, our leaders understand their role and commitment more clearly via our compelling Leadership Code of Conduct, our team members love our CEO lunches!
  • We’ve been voted a “Best Places to Work” by our employees
  • Our revenue, production, retention levels have reached record highs

We’re completing our company-wide Learning and Development Plan to support all of our remarkable team members in growing to the heights they aspire too.

Our executive team is deeply aligned now and has the structure, path, process to evolve our awesome culture and company to the next level. The company buzzes with excitement and employee engagement is at record highs. Our team knows they are valued, and we’re all investing in one another. The best part is we all know we’re making a positive difference here. Thanks STI for helping us to create the culture of our dreams!”

Teresa Finn
Director of Human Resources
Server Technology, Inc.