Case Study: Achieving Record High Sales And Marketing Results

Company: Telaid

Industry: Technology

Revenue size: Mid

Employees: 200+

About: As a systems integrator, Telaid handles complex technology deployments and offers end-to-end technology lifecycle support exclusively for multi-site clients.

STI Programs: Leadership Coaching, Sales/Marketing Workshops

“We’ve really moved the needle in our first year with STI! From our initial work at our Sales & Marketing Intensive and from coaching thereafter together we’ve:

  • Secured a needle-moving 8 digit account using 2 of the strategies I created with Christine and our team—this is a top 3 account for us
  • Doubled our marketing message effectiveness and increased our profile and brand awareness in the marketplace significantly
  • Doubled our response rate on outbound marketing communications
  • Created and validated Customer Journeys and Profiles to best understand how to communicate with and enhance our Customer Experience
  • Created a scalable sales and marketing foundation to support our projected growth
  • Launched an omni-channel marketing approach that is delivering double digit response rates
  • Developed a content marketing strategy and social media presence that is engaging prospects and clients at new levels
  • Just received the largest inbound lead in company history

Working with STI is efficient, effective, and high on ROI. STI brings a proven set of Best Practices to the table that streamlines the sales and marketing process and delivers results. If you want to take your sales and marketing to the next level, you’ll want them on your team.”

Scott Patsiga