Case Study: Deepening Client, Leadership, Associate Engagement In Rapid Growth

Company: Principle Auto Group

Industry: Automotive Dealer

Revenue size: Mid-Market

Assiociates: 500

About: Principle Auto is a family-owned and operated, independent automotive dealer located in the heart of San Antonio, TX. While the group has been in business for over 50 years and operates BMW of San Antonio, BMW of Corpus Christi, MINI of San Antonio, Volvo of San Antonio, INFINITI of Boerne, Principle Toyota in Memphis, TN and Principle Toyota of Clarksdale.

STI Programs: Leadership Coaching; Culture Coaching; Sales/Marketing Coaching; Strategy Days; Neuroscience of Leadership Workshop; Neuroscience of Influence Workshop; Sales/Service/Client Care Workshops; Leadership Retreats

“I’ve been to some of the top business growth programs in the country, and I’ve found STI’s methodology to be among the most effective. The positive transformation our company has experienced with STI has been profound.

Here are some of our results from Strategy Days, Trainings and Executive Coaching with STI:

  • We’ve powerfully aligned our geographically distributed leadership team with clear communication, needle movers, performance expectations, and proven processes to streamline results and save everyone time and energy.
  • We’ve defined compelling values that everyone is rallying around and associate engagement continues to climb.
  • We’ve created Customer Journeys, Safety/Belonging/Mattering Triggers, Meta Program Profiles for our top 5 customer profiles. Now we know how to step into their shoes and connect more deeply with them and provide even greater service, communication, joy in working with us.
  • We’ve raised the bar on our already high standards of performance, service, and behavior with programs our associates have created.
  • The company’s infrastructure is in place now and evolving to support our rapid growth.
  • We’re reaching new revenue and customer delight records, and have high visibility on our finances and operations overall

As a result it’s now easier to recruit new associates, to onboard them, to bring them powerfully into our high-performing tribe. What a difference STI’s proven processes make! They have sure saved us time and heartache. And I’m more fulfilled, relaxed, and into strategic work than ever before. We are creating a remarkable organization—and our team is doing this together.

Thanks STI for helping us reach new heights (and have fun in the process)!”

Abigail Kampmann
Principle Auto Group

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