The Outcome Frame: Remove Roadblocks & Encourage Insights

Use the Outcome Frame to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

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The Outcome Frame


In an Outcome Frame, you create a clear vision of your Desired State (DS) and then bask in it—really see, hear, and feel yourself in your DS for at least 15 minutes.

We need a clear DS because once you release resistance, you need a new trajectory to move towards. Remember, human beings always choose the best available feeling on their menu. Using the Outcome Frame to ground the DS is a way to add more choices to the menu. Create an Outcome Frame to point the energy you’ve released from resistance in the right direction.

The Outcome Frame because is an all-purpose tool to create insights about what a person wants, how exactly they’ll know they received it/achieved it, and to get present with the cost of getting it (to make sure it’s what they truly want—and their system is okay with getting it).

Use it up, down, and across the org chart; inside the organization and outside with prospects, clients, and potential partners of any type. Use it to clarify needs, use it to diffuse or clear conflict, use it to help people shift from focusing on the problem at hand to focusing on the outcome they want to create instead.

Some people don’t know what they want when they first approach the Outcome Frame. That’s okay. In this case, you can warm up by asking yourself what you don’t want, and then asking yourself what the opposite experience would be. If you don’t want so much stress, what’s the opposite? Do you want more peace, more emotional agility?

What will you create in your life?