Culture Camp is a multi-dimensional experience for leaders that are ready to transform their existing organizations and uplevel their employee engagement. This investment is specifically for leaders who desire a peak performing Smart Tribe that is operating at the highest level possible. The resources I’ve packed into Culture Camp (including live access to me!) are valued at over $15,000. Because this is a one-time offer that I may not ever roll out again, I’ve done everything in my power to decrease your cost while elevating your value. That’s why you can get full access to Culture Camp 2020 for only $5,000!

Coming in Fall 2020.


Would your organization benefit from increased employee
performance, faster recruiting, or better retention rates?

If you’re operating a 21st century business, your answer is likely a resounding YES! But as good as all those things sound, you know they won’t happen on their own. Culture Camp is the catalyst that will help you create organizational change and transform your employee’s mindset and performance.
In this year-long program, you'll learn potent neuroscience techniques for creating a culture of passion, growth, commitment, initiative, and resilience. You'll learn the secrets of a high engagement where employees deliver terrific performance, have a balanced lifestyle, and avoid burnout.

Learn how to tap into the power of neuroscience for optimal engagement, performance, recruiting, and retention.

Culture Camp is a multi-faceted experience that incorporates a variety of delivery methods, including:

  • 1 LIVE 1.5 day event in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 6 Group Coaching Calls (90 minutes each, designed to help you implement what you learned at the live event)
  • Peer group learning and collaboration (get outside your bubble and see what others are doing!)
  • SmartTribes Playbook ($3,500 value) included FREE with priority registration.

The $15,000+ value makes this event an obvious WIN if you’ve ever dreamt of working with me! (Curious who else I’ve coached? Here’s a quick list of some names you might recognize!)

SmartTribes’ clients typically invest $1,500 for a live event of this length, PLUS another $10,500 for 6 virtual coaching sessions, AND $3,500 for the SmartTribes Playbook.

Now… They would tell you that it is 100% worth it, because they absolutely see the benefits (and get the ROI, of course)! BUT -- that’s not what I’m going to charge you for attending Culture Camp! The information here is SO valuable, and I believe in it SO much, that I’ve done everything in my power to make it as accessible as possible. So the only question that remains is --

Do you want higher satisfaction scores, better results, happier teams?
Be sure to attend this program.

Join us for a program that will profoundly and positively shift your reality of what a company culture can truly be.

During the program you’ll receive:


1.5 day LIVE coaching event


Digital editable templates, each of which has been proven to be successful


A “next steps” checklist to ensure you implement these techniques optimally and a draft of your Cultural GAME (Growth, Appreciation, Measurement, Engagement) Plan


Certification in the SmartTribes Culture Methodology


6 follow up group coaching sessions of 90 minutes each

The tools and techniques you’ll learn in this program have enabled leaders to achieve the following within 6 months::


Increase team member emotional engagement, loyalty, ownership-focus by 67-100%


Increase team member productivity by 35-50%


Reduce employee stress and sick days by 11-53%

Here are some of the questions that have guided the creation and growth of our Culture Camp curriculum:


What does employee engagement really mean?


How do we create it, maintain it, grow it, make it fun?


Can we create the conditions to make employees eager for Monday, and even look forward to it?


How can we create workplaces where people bring their best every day?


Would having the answers to those questions change your business for the better?

STI Culture Camp is all about building a SmartTribe: a culture where engagement, innovation, collaboration, performance, and well-being are optimal. And a SmartTribe isn’t built in 1.5 days. The 6 ongoing Group Coaching programs that follow our 1.5 day intensive will ensure you get the results you seek, you implement the tools optimally, and you deepen your relationship with key peers with the same challenges you face. We’re better together!

All Group Coaching sessions will have plenty of time for Q&A and problem-solving. See them as your chance to reconnect with the tribe you formed at Culture Camp, to get any pressing questions answered, and to gain new insights and access to new tools. Even though we have suggested topics, all topics are welcome at each coaching session. We’ll record all sessions in case you miss one.

And here are some of the powerful topics we’ll touch on over the course of our SIX follow-up coaching calls:

Coaching #1: How To Engage and Enroll Stakeholders in Cultural Programs

The greatest tools in the world won’t make a difference if no one uses them! In this session we’ll all bring our ideas and we’ll share past successful strategies to get executives, leaders, line managers, and individual contributors to embrace (and even champion!) the tools that build and sustain an engaged culture.

Coaching #2: Your GAME Plan (Check In and Fine Tuning)

At our onsite event, we will have learned the key components of a Cultural Growth Appreciation Measurement Engagement Plan. Then, we crafted our initial months’ plan and what programs to roll out when. Now it’s time to check in, refine, and optimize your Plan based on preliminary results. We’ll work on this together.

Coaching #3: Streamline Your Recruiting, Onboarding, Retention

We’ll all bring our best practices to this session to streamline and expedite the recruiting process, as we refine our ability to onboard optimally in order to get people woven into the tribe pronto, as well as to keep the loyalty, enthusiasm, and commitment going. 

Coaching #4: Make Your Performance Evaluation and Motivation Techniques Tops

According to Yale, the #1 stressor of humans in the workplace is the performance review. Yet it could be an experience of collaboration, brainstorming, fostering honesty and the desire to grow. So how do we change this? Learn our favorite structures, as well as those of your peers.

Coaching #5: Creating Insights and Aspiration (Creativity, Learning, Innovation)

The brain at work must regularly have insights and aspire to greater things. In this session we’ll work on proven techniques that have created, supported, expanded, and sustained the ability to light up your team’s brains! 

Coaching #6: Keep The Growth Going

As we wrap up our year together, we’ll share tools and techniques to keep the culture growth at your organization going. Keeping energy high, mixing things up regularly so programs don’t get stale, enrolling new internal champions, rearranging the intellectual furniture, you get the idea. 

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