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Since you’re here, we know you’re a key cultural influencer in your organization. As you take the next step in the registration process, we’d love for you to consider who else you’re bringing!

Ideally, each organization will bring TWO participants – a strategist and an implementer.

Your total investment will be $5,000 for the first participant, and $4,500 for EACH additional team member that you register. You’ll need to deposit $1,000 per registrant today. Your remaining balance will be due before the live event.

Event Name Description Deposit Action
Culture Camp
  • Pre-event video training to optimize experience
  • Culture Camp event (full 1.5 days together)
  • Six 90 minute coaching calls, tailored to your needs
  • 4 meals: 1 dinner, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch
  • All physical and digital courseware
  • 2 copies of our business bestselling book Power Your Tribe: Create Resilient Teams In Turbulent Times
  • Tremendous ongoing opportunities to build a potent and supportive network for like-minded professionals
$1,000.00 per attendee. Select

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