Case Study: An Enhanced Infrastructure For A New Generation Of Leadership

Company: Whitney Transport

Industry: Transportation

Revenue size: $50-$100M

Employees: 150

About: Whitney Transport is a family-owned and operated trucking company providing bulk transportation services to Central Florida’s phosphate and construction industries.

STI Programs: Leadership Coaching; Culture coaching; Workshops; Leadership Retreats

“Our first year working with STI has been better than I ever imagined. As a result of our strategic planning retreats, coaching, and training our team is:

  • Taking greater ownership than ever before
  • More engaged than ever before
  • Stepping out of the tactical into the strategic more than ever before
  • Performing with more clarity, focus, accountability than ever before

It’s as if our whole team has risen to an entirely new level. It’s awesome and energizing! The results we’re getting as a result of our work with STI are tangible too. Together we’ve created:

  • Compelling mission, vision, values and company theme everyone loves
  • Cultural rituals for engagement (high 5s, celebrations/rewards for modeling our values)
  • Performance motivation, measurement and growth process (self-evaluation, leader review, Individual Development Plans, personal improvement process)
  • Accountability structures and tracking
  • 3 year strategic plan with specific tactics, dependencies, contingencies to ensure execution
  • 3 year budget and staffing plan
  • 5 year map to our next key inflection point

I knew our team was remarkable, but seeing them dive into greater depths of leadership, enrolling and engaging others, collaborating in new and powerful ways, embracing new skills and helping to cultivate and elevate others has been a profoundly fulfilling experience. I can’t wait to see what our next year with STI brings. Thanks STI for helping us step into our huge potential!”

Chris Whitney
Whitney Transport