Are you our next Executive Assistant?

Why This Role Matters

This is an opportunity to support a fast-paced neuroscience-based management consulting company. We provide executive coaching, training, consulting services based on our potent and easy to learn and apply neuroscience techniques. There are 3 keys to success in this role:

  1. Optimize the CEO’s time – ensure her calendar is accurate, time is managed efficiently, proactively help her optimize where she goes/when/whom she visits. Handle all the details so the CEO can be in flow and serve our clients best.
  2. Serve our clients impeccably – communicate in a caring, highly professional, respectful, accurate way so our super busy executive clients have what they need, when they need it, how they need it.
  3. Add leverage to the CEO’s projects – due detailed work to help the CEO create, optimize, complete her projects for our clients and for our internal team. Take high initiative and have great ideas and execute on them timely.

Consistent Planning, Accountability, Quality Work and Taking the Initiative are key to this role.

Who You Are

You’ll be a reliable results-oriented high-quality-of-work person who is dynamic, driven, a strong communicator, terrific project manager, and someone who loves helping others grow their skill set and be highly accountable for results. You’ll be a creative thinker and have a gift for interacting with clients when needed, being the ‘fuel’ for the company by creating and maintaining flawless operational efficiency. Your role inspires and supports team members by following through with a significant number of details. You’re emotionally low maintenance, want to support and learn from an intense high energy team, and bring your own unique gifts to the relationship. No whiners or victims please.

For an outgoing, smart, results-oriented go-getter this job is perfect. Our culture is super positive, and we take 100% responsibility for our work and results. We have the courage to say please, thank you, I’m sorry, and I don’t know. The sky is the limit for the right person. The Executive Assistant will become fully versed in SmartTribes Methodology, our services and how our work impacts the lives of our clients.

If you want to grow a business, express the best parts of yourself, have a major impact on a company’s formation and future, provide big vision plus detail orientation, this is an ideal role. You will grow and develop new skills and have adventures you’ve likely never had before.

Who We Are

We are a virtual company. That said, our company is based in the SF Bay Area. If you are outside of this area it will need to appear as if you aren’t! This means ensuring the CEO gets all the onsite support she needs, and attending all quarterly team meetings. We also use Google Voice to ensure that all team members have a 415 area code phone # for accepting calls, voicemails and texts. Our business hours are 9am-5pm Pacific.

Our Values Are C-I-R-C-L-E

  • Communication – we are highly communicative and believe this ensures alignment and connection. We believe any challenge can be resolved with authentic heart-felt communication.
  • Integrity – our word is our bond. We make and keep our commitments. We walk our walk and talk our talk. We model what we train and coach on.
  • Reflection – we make the time to reflect on ourselves, our clients, our company in order to learn how to improve and serve others best. We identify behaviors we want to shift and seek support.
  • Contribution – we are here to make a difference, to be of service. We deliver 5 star client service and add value in many ways beyond our scope. We intro clients to possible board members, clients, and add value far beyond the scope we’re paid for.
  • Learning – we are continuous learners. We are committed to growing and stretching into new definitions of ourselves and our capabilities. We learn new skills to share with our clients.
  • Energy – we bring great energy and passion to our work. This isn’t a job to us, it’s a mission, it’s an opportunity to transform and support people who will transform and support millions. The result of our passion is a better world/company/experience for all.

STI Style

  • Outcome-focused (no victims or blamers, work on finding the outcome they want) Solution-focused (we’ll collaborate and find a way, together we can make it happen) High behavioral flexibility (can adapt, intuit and adjust, be super present to needs of client/colleague at the moment)
  • High professionalism (doesn’t interrupt, is respectful, understands and accepts their role, values other people’s time, manages their emotional state, doesn’t trash team members behind their back)
  • Manages their energy (doesn’t throw anger at others, is aware of their challenge areas and is working on them)

For someone who needs lots of direction or emotional support and/or doesn’t take the initiative, please don’t apply.


Admin/Ops/Project Management:

  • You will report to the CEO directly with weekly accountability reports due Monday by 10am Pacific Time
  • Support super-busy CEO without requiring tons of “care and feeding”
  • Manage all aspects of CEO’s calendar and time
  • Use your company persona when interacting with our members and clients
  • On time answer/handle all client care inquiries. Respond to all client or potential client phone calls and/or emails same day (if received before 4pm PT) or by 10am PT next day (if received after 4pm PT the day before)
  • Respond to all phone calls from STI staff same day (if received before 4pm PT), or by 10am PT next day (if received after 4pm PT the day before) from a quiet and professional setting
  • Ensure all team members are notified of all group meetings/calls
  • Support of, respect of, kindness toward our team members
  • Setup/maintain infrastructure: Standard Operating Procedures, manual—all aspects of office management
  • Manage any additional admin support staff and all vendors (web site, graphic design, etc)
  • Handle all speaking engagement logistics. You are the point of contact for STI with all events and must conduct themselves to the STI standard of professionalism with proper grammar, phone and email etiquette.
  • Ensure all speaking engagements, trainings, keynotes, webinars, etc. are managed from inception to post-event follow up (this includes tracking all deliverables, deadlines, timelines and details of each event)
  • Ensure that each task, for each team member, is assigned in our Project Management System (Basecamp) upon receipt of task
  • Reminders sent to team members of upcoming due dates
  • Screen incoming sales inquiries and route to CEO or Client Connection Leader or close yourself (in this case sales commission to be provided of up to 5%)
  • Client outreach, including contacting potential clients to determine whether they are available to meet with the CEO
  • Manage entries in Zoho CRM database
  • Manage and track a multitude of deliverables on all Service Agreements.
  • Schedule and track all coaching client sessions.
  • Collaborate with the following awesome team members:
    • Client Care Specialist: 20 hrs/wk, she is super creative, really understands our business, works closely with Client Cultivation Leader
    • Client Cultivation Leader: full time marketing leader, she is new to the organization, super creative, she drives business and writes blogs/copy/lead pages and may ask you to be a sounding board/editor
    • Finance Leader: ¼ time bookkeeping, payments, etc team member, she is super detail-oriented, tracks our AR, AP, budgets, you name it
    • Our Coaches: as needed on given projects

How This Role Impacts–And Provides Value To–Others

Your external customers are our clients, prospects and strategic alliances. Your internal customers will be the CEO, STI team overall, and our vendors. You’ll provide value to both via being a reliable, trusted, grounded, high integrity, caring human being. They’ll know you have their back and bring them safety, belonging, mattering because your work is timely and of consistent high quality.

Systems Used

  • Zoho CRM
  • Basecamp Project Management
  • TimeTrade for scheduling
  • Outlook (must be proficient)
  • Zoom
  • EchoSpan 360 – will be trained in
  • KeySurvey – will be trained in
  • MailChimp
  • Hootsuite – optional (only for social media)
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft Office: Word (must be proficient), PPT (must be proficient to modify), Excel (very basic knowledge)


  • References endorsing your ability to streamline executive time, get it done when asked the first time, get all details right
  • 12+ years of experience supporting a super busy senior executive or 12+ years in an OBM/Operations/Project Management/Executive Assistant role.
  • Must be tech savvy and able to embrace our ‘One & Done’ philosophy. The task is assigned, clarification is asked and given once and then the task is completed mistake free
  • Personal brand of “get stuff done on time, as specified, with high quality”
  • Highly accountable behavior with solid personal responsibility
  • Ability to quickly understand and apply strategy
  • Ability to work remotely without interruptions, from a quiet place, with your personal computer and high speed internet
  • Ability to work with little supervision BUT ask for help when needed
  • Must be terrific with Microsoft Office and a quick study
  • Must have highly effective written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to accomplish goals through initiative, project management and effective negotiation skills, both internally and externally
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute to the success of a team, with humor and grace
  • Deep commitment to personal growth—to being the best person you can be and continually improving your skills
  • Proactive personality with results-oriented philosophy and work ethic
  • Must be passionate about entrepreneurship and company growth
  • Organization, follow through, take-charge, positive attitude
  • Long term (at least 3 year) commitment required
  • Plan and attend a 2 day team retreat in SF Bay Area each quarter (travel expenses reimbursed)

Professional Behavior Standards…

With Clients

  • Don’t talk about yourself unless clients/prospects ask. It’s ALL about them. Inquire. Wear professional attire at all times that a client/prospect may see you.
  • Uphold our values in all client interaction and communication

With STI Team

  • Respect one another always and in all interactions.
  • Provide a unified front at all times: to each other, to clients, to the world.
  • If issues come up discuss and resolve them immediately with the relevant party. We all see and feel it, so say it!
  • Under promise, over deliver


Compensation is $40/hour. This role is for 40+ hours per week and is a 1099 contract position. Bonus structure TBD based on both your own and the company’s performance. This is a long term (at least 3 year) commitment. Please only apply if you can commit to this.

Career Path

This Leadership Level 6+ role can grow in many directions. One path could evolve into the general manager of the business. A director level role on up would follow one of the manager roles. It all depends on your skill set, what skill set you want to develop, where your passion is, and what the business needs. Based on this info we’ll create:

  • Performance Metrics/KPIs/Needle Movers
  • Learning and Development opportunities

Please Note: This position has been filled.