Why Storytelling Is So Important For Leaders

Your presentations are falling flat. Your team can recite the corporate mission, vision, and value statements, but they can’t tell you what they mean. Why? There’s no emotion. There’s no storytelling.

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Storytelling For Leaders


Notice what makes stories memorable for you. For most people, the stories we remember have some sort of emotional impact on us. They have this impact because we can relate to the hero and the storyline in some way. The stories you tell about your organization need to be positively impactful too. Neural coupling enables us to connect to the story and personalize it. We connect to the storyteller via mirror neurons, we get deeply engaged and feel/hear/see and even smell/taste what’s happening in the story too. And we release dopamine, a feel good neurotransmitter, when a story is emotionally engaging. And that’s just a start!

Check out or infographic for our storytelling formula!