Case Study: Raising The Bar On Leadership, Empowering With Optimal Org Structure

Company: SIGNAL.csk Brand Partners

Industry: Marketing Strategy Consulting

Revenue size: SMB

Employees: 20

About: SIGNAL.csk Brand Partners is a brand strategy firm based in Denver, Colorado that specializes in strategic exercises, actionable insights, design and branding.

STI Programs: Leadership Coaching, Culture Coaching, Strategy Days, Neuroscience of Leadership Workshop, Neuroscience of Navigating Change Workshop, Neuroscience of Optimal Teams Workshop, Sales and Marketing Intensive

“Our first year with STI has been a total game-changer! Emotional engagement is our highest ever: we’re all super aligned behind a vision we share and are totally in sync. Communication is also at an all-time high: we’re open, compassionate, clear, and honest with each other and we now have new levels of collaboration and trust. The results have been tangible, measurable and specific: new clients, increased operational efficiency, some of the best work we’ve ever created, and it feels like we’re just beginning to hit our stride.

Thank you for helping us raise our level of leadership, for helping us optimize our culture and org chart, for helping us set clear and compelling needle movers and so much more. Our marketing is more effective than ever before, our updated values, mission, and vision are inspiring everyone, and our new tools to increase engagement, communication and prioritization are taking us to new heights. WOW. I knew our team was awesome, and they just keep raising the bar. I’m so glad we’re on this adventure together!”

Cheryl Farr
Founder, SIGNAL.csk Brand Partners