Propel Sales Results

To truly propel sales and marketing—and to get consistent reliable results—the pre-requisite is a solid foundation of process, tools, incentives and measurement. In today’s alternatingly passive and cutthroat market we need all the help we can get.


John Gorski

“Wow—our team had several ‘ah ha’ moments at our recent Sales and Marketing Intensive with Christine. She helped us fill in the gaps to streamline our sales and marketing processes, identify the profiles (and surprising similarities) of our diverse prospects, launch powerful neuroscience-based messaging for a new service, further align our sales and marketing teams around common objectives, all while laying out a clear path.

If you want to jump start your sales and marketing, get better results with a lot less effort, bring STI in to help. Your team, like mine, will thank you, and you’ll love the results.”

STI Sales Coaching/Training

Step 2: We Form An Action Plan


Sales and marketing leaders will want to attend all four of our foundational one-day trainings. But for sales and marketing practitioners, the following is sufficient to start seeing rapid results:

Step 3: We Get You ROI

As a result of the above programs, client results have included:

  • Marketing demand generation increases up to 237%
  • Sales are closed up to 50% faster and close rate is increased by 44% or more.
  • Marketing messages are up to 301% more effective.
  • Revenues and profits increase up to 210% annually.

Strategy Session

Our sales and marketing programs blend coaching with training to bring tangible, measurable and specific results in record time. Request a Strategy Session

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