Performance Motivation vs. Performance Management

Contrary to Performance Management, Performance Motivation results in intrinsic motivation within a supportive environment.

This is how we empower team members to UNDERSTAND their role, BELIEVE they are making a difference in their company and DESIRE to bring their A-Game. Every. Single. Day.

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Performance Motivation

How’s your team performing?

Before you start the process of performance evaluations, take 10 minutes and discover why performance management is dead and performance motivation is here to stay.

Standard old-fashioned annual performance reviews are unpleasant for both the leader and the team member. No one wants to be thought of as a number on a range of poor to great. The time invested into reporting and the ineffectiveness of annual or semi-annual reviews doesn’t serve the team member. Furthermore, it doesn’t boost their performance and it doesn’t positively impact the company’s bottom line. Simply put, it isn’t effective.

Therefore, the key to inspiring maximum performance from your team is not scoring them and offering standardized feedback based on their score. Instead, use a process that creates intrinsic motivation and benefits both the team member and the company.