Claiming Your Rights As A Human Being

We all have basic human rights, established during our early life experiences. They determine where we will have behavioral struggles as we move through life. Learn more about yours below:

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Organismic Rights


To live in a state of emotional agility more consistently, we need to build the mental muscles of self-awareness. And one of the best ways to increase our self-awareness is to get in touch with our rights as human beings. Because if we don’t know or acknowledge them, or if we don’t understand them, we’ll often suffer or cause others to suffer. And in the absolute worst case, self-sabotage (which in turn sabotages those around us that count on us).

You can start increasing your Organismic Rights by taking the opportunity to tune in. Start noticing where you get triggered and which rights of yours (to exist, to have needs, to take action, to have consequences for your actions, or to love and be loved) are low in those situations.

Ask yourself which of these areas you’d like to improve. Where do you think your stakeholders at work stand? Your family members? How would you like to help yourself and others to modify their behavior?

These are the areas to start working on with your leadership coach!