Case Study: Strengthening Teams In Changing Times

Company: Nestle

Industry: Food Processing

Revenue: $90.8B

Employees: 291,000

Division: Oceania

About: Nestle Oceania covers the regions of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the South Pacific overall. They are responsible for numerous brands including Kit Kat, Nescafe, plant-based foods, pet foods, and more.

STI Programs: Neuroscience of Optimal Teams Workshop, Leadership Coaching, Sales and Marketing Intensive

“Our region had been navigating profound amounts of challenge and change after drought, wildfires and floods. I knew we all needed to come together to strengthen our focus and pivot on our plans. And that’s exactly what we did. Christine taught practical neuroscience-based tools to our 140+ leaders and ensured they experienced the power of them right then and there. After her session our leaders edited their business plans with a new perspective to optimize results, work around contingencies and boost emotional resilience in their teams. We had an additional day together with the most senior leaders, where we dove more deeply into the SmartTribes tools and learned how to teach them to our region overall.

The result is everyone is aligned on what we plan to achieve, feeling empowered to achieve it, and they are enrolling their teams to course-correct as they move forward. Thanks STI for helping us refresh our commitment and see what we can create regardless of external circumstances. We’re looking forward to more transformative work together via coaching and webinars. ”

Sandra Martinez
CEO Nestle Oceania

Company: Nestle Purina Petcare

Industry: Consumer Goods

Revenue: $11.9B

Employees: 17,500

About: Nestle Purina Petcare is subsidiary of Nestlé which produces and markets well known pet food, treats and litter brands, including Purina Pro Plan, Purina Dog Chow, Friskies, Beneful and Purina ONE.

STI Programs: Neuroscience of Navigating Change, Neuroscience of Optimal Teams.

“STI’s Building Brilliant Teams training is a key course in our Leadership Development program. Our leaders like the high interactivity, the hands-on labs, the practical brain-based tools that are easy to learn and immediately create high impact results. The case studies which help clarify STI’s key tools are popular too. Here’s direct feedback from our leaders and what they found most helpful:

  • The need to be more aware of what drives others and how to realize and react to it. Everyone is a valuable team member.
  • The various tools, like outcome frame and Safety/Belonging/Mattering in particular – also perceiving my team in the terms of a ‘tribe’ with common values that define who we are is good
  • Very helpful class – new ways to perceive old and troublesome issues and challenges in our teams and potentially address them going forward
  • Learning skills to provide Effective Feedback and Effective Delegation
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable and her presentation was full of energy--her experience with other companies was very helpful in putting things into perspective
  • Very interesting - tying in the neuroscience and emotional drivers of satisfaction and motivation to drive team performance and happiness
  • Feedback and Effective Delegation – these tools I can implement myself
  • Great class! One of the best I’ve attended!
  • The experience of the instructor and her ability to link real life/behaviors to the technical field of neuroscience opened my eyes quite a bit.
Thanks STI for helping us to invest in leadership growth. As a result our leaders are raising the bar on building brilliant teams.”

Steve Degnan
Chief HR Officer
Nestle Purina PetCare North America