Myelination Practice: How To Forge A New Habit

Imagine you want to develop a new habit. You might want to handle pressure with ease, inspire innovation in your team, increase patience, boost executive presence, listen more.

Myelination is a process that occurs when you forge a new habit. It’s how your brain can do all of the above and more: it’s how leaders rapidly shift behaviors, stay emotionally agile, maintain or increase presence, and help their teams to do the same.

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Neuroscientists worldwide are increasingly studying myelin and its amazing impact on rapid learning, mastery, neuroplasticity.

Keep your circuits strong with deep focused practice—myelination requires quality vs quantity. Therefore, I ask clients to do the myelination practice I design for them for 5 days in a row, 5 times per day, for only a few minutes each. For a gold star they can do it for 10 days. What I find in coaching some of the top performers on the planet is that forging new—or turbo charging existing—pathways that are heavily insulated (myelinated) and which then become the default behavior pathway is what matters.

What new behaviors would you like?