Mini Webinars

Neuroscience of Leadership:

Lead with greater results using the SmartTribe Accelerators and the latest neuroscience techniques. Results: Leaders are respected more, followed more, loved more and more present, accountable, clear communicators, more influential and powerful, and creators of sustainable win-win cultures.

Neuroscience of Optimal Teams:

Diagnose and heal all culture and team challenges by using the most effective cultural, accountability and behavior modification structures. Results: Increased team alignment, feelings of safety, belonging, and mattering to the company at large. The net-net is improved results, accountability and morale.

Neuroscience of Influencing Outcomes:

Influence clients, team members, prospects, board members, people in general by learning how to join their frame of reference. Results: Greater impact of and receptivity to your communication. more productive & accurate team communication, deeper trust, better listening. The net-net is stronger relationships with key stakeholders.

Neuroscience of Managing Change:

Shift from a problem-focused culture to outcome-orientation by understanding your primary orientation and how to flip it. Results: When applied these tools encourage internal motivation from team members, high accountability and increase team members self-ownership of key initiatives. Cultures shift from seeing the problems to actively creating the outcomes they desire.