Case Study: Finance Executive Increasing Strategic And Leadership Value

Company: Microsoft

Industry: Technology

Revenue size: Global Enterprise

Assiociates: 124,000

About: Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services.

STI Programs: Leadership Coaching

“As a finance executive it’s key to ensure you’re seen for the strategic value you bring. That’s one of the many reasons coaching with STI has been so transformative. I’ve significantly increased my ability to deliver strategic value across our organization by raising the bar as a leader. I’m now more present with others, listening more deeply, sharing my vision more clearly, enrolling and engaging people like never before. As a result I’ve built more powerful connections and greater trust with senior executives, peers and team members—all of which is crucial as our business continues to grow, change and evolve.

My team is responding too. We’re more cohesive, effective, energized and ‘on point’ than ever before. My relationships are richer and closer with more open communication. Together we’re achieving more, influencing more, and seeing conflicts and challenges as exciting adventures. I’m now someone who powerfully and quickly brings people together and delivers results that far exceed expectations. I’m now seen as a strategic asset, a trusted advisor and a cultivator of talent and people in general. Thanks STI!”

Michael Trzupek
Former GM, Venture Integration Strategic Programs