Maneuvers Of Consciousness: Shift from Resistance to Consent to Appreciation

Whatever we focus on, we fuel. When we have resistance around an emotion, we make it stronger. But if we consent, we shift our relationship to the experience and loosen up our emotional experience.

We can maneuver, or change, our consciousness (i.e., our current conscious emotional experience) quite easily. Human beings are inherently resilient; it’s just that some of us haven’t realized it yet.

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Shift from Resistance to Consent to Appreciation


We’ve all felt how draining fear-based emotions can be. Nothing saps our life force more than panic, overreaction, and upset.

What if you could choose how you felt with ease? It starts with shifting from resistance to consent.

Not only does the above process help release what we are resisting, it allows us to have a choice and to increase our productivity. The quicker we can shift out of resistance, the faster we can focus on what moves the needle. Let me know how Maneuvers of Consciousness works for you!