Make Your Team Smarter Overnight

The Neuroscience of Compelling Leadership

Logical_Levels_of_ChangeHow would your business grow if you could become smarter overnight?

What would the impact be if you could tap into more parts of your brain to increase innovation, creativity, emotional engagement, vision, feelings of safety, belonging, and mattering?

And what would the impact be if you could guide your entire company to this state too?

Today’s leaders need to be more connected to a deeper ability to communicate & influence others to cause higher levels of accountability and productivity on their teams.

You will explore a model of leadership that takes into account both the dynamics of teams and the individual leader in a company. Through interactive exercises each participant will be able to actually experience a shift in their relationship to knowing where leadership is “out”, and how to put it back “in” in a new way. The presentation will offer a cutting edge toolkit for leadership problem diagnosis and resolution, and human performance optimization.

Key takeaways include:

  • 5 proven tools leaders love that get leaders key results:
  • 5-15 more hours per week of free time
  • A team that is 35%+ more productive in 6 months or less
  • Team member emotional engagement increased by 67-100%
  • More energy, turn stress into enthusiasm

As a result of this training you’ll be able to:

  • Shift colleagues, team members, board members, family members from their Critter State (fight, flight, freeze) into their Smart State (full access to emotions, innovation, desire for positive outcomes)
  • Increase focus and presence to build stronger leadership via inquiry and high value activities
  • Communicate more explicitly resulting in faster more effective and complete outcomes
  • Increase transparency through proven accountability structures
  • Build a sustainable culture where burn out and unvoiced frustrations are a distant memory

This presentation will guide participants on a thought-provoking journey to where leadership is heading, while challenging each participant to consider how engaging in this future will enhance and support the rapid growth of their company.

Program Duration: 45 – 90 minutes

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