Guarantee Growth

Leverage Neuroscience to Get Predictable Revenue, Passionate Teams, Profitable Growth


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Inflection Point ScaleAre you consistently growing revenues and profits each year?

Are your team members highly efficient, energized and emotionally engaged?

Are your sales people able to accurately predict their performance?

In today’s uncertain economic climate you need the latest tools to optimize your growth and employees in order for profits to soar. Chances are good you’re growing in one of these areas but not all three at the same time… what if you could?

In this value-packed program you’ll learn key neuroscience techniques that have enabled 50 of the fastest-growing North American companies plus tech titans Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and others to get year-over-year profitable growth and have lean peak performing teams. You’ll leave this program with techniques you can immediately apply to improve the outcome of your next quarter.

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Key takeaways include:

  • How growth—and the lack of it—is surprisingly formulaic and predictable.
  • A template to ensure you navigate to, and through, your next revenue target.
  • How leaders unintentionally activate the pain network in the brain—and how to activate the reward network to enable employees to have profound insights and powerful momentum.
  • 2 best ways to get deeply loyal high performing employees without spending a dime.
  • 2 ways to optimize your profits while fueling consistent growth.

As a result of this training you’ll be able to:

  • Shift colleagues, team members, board members from their Critter State (fight, flight, freeze) into their Smart State (full access to emotions, innovation, desire for positive outcomes)
  • Increase focus and gain/maintain momentum via high value activities
  • Keep people focused on the outcome they want, not the problems in the way
  • Forge deep emotional engagement by fulfilling a significant need that all humans have

What will this mean for your business? Continued use of and additional training in these techniques have brought business leaders:

  • Revenue and profit growth up to 210% annually
  • Employees 35%+ more productive
  • Emotional engagement up by 67-100%
  • Sales closed up to 50% faster and up to 44% more of pipeline closed

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This presentation will guide participants on a thought-provoking journey of understanding the human brain and knowing exactly how to cause insights, focus, momentum, and profound emotional engagement. The result? Guaranteed growth.

Program Duration: 45 – 90 minutes

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