Case Study: A Women’s Summit To Empower With New Tools

Company: GoPro

Industry: Consumer Products

Revenue size: Mid-Market

Employees: 1,500

About: GoPro is a consumer goods company that sells cameras, drones, apps and accessories; everything you need to capture life as you live it, and share the experience.

STI Programs: Leadership Coaching; Keynote

“Thank you so much Christine for your brilliance, passion and inspiration you’ve imprinted on each of our minds and hearts. Your program at our first GoPro Women’s Summit empowered everyone profoundly. We have received so much incredible feedback from our attendees! Now they have new tools to help them generate new insights and help others to do the same, to make new meaning about their experiences, to bring safety, belonging, mattering where it is needed so they can lead themselves, others, and the business with a fresh perspective.

We can't thank you enough for leading such an impactful session. Your brain-based tools are truly helping our tribe!”

Laura Robblee
Senior Director, People