Case Study: Boosting Leadership And Optimizing Sales

Company: Forward (acquired by Salient)

Industry: Asset Management

Revenue size: Mid

Employees: 200

About: Salient is a diversified asset management firm and leading provider of real asset and alternative investment strategies for institutional investors and investment advisors.

STI Programs: Leadership Retreat; Leadership Coaching; Culture Coaching; Employee Engagement Survey (SBM Index); Neuroscience of Influence Workshop; Neuroscience of Leadership Workshop

“STI has helped our team to profoundly raise the bar in the past 6 months. Before STI we were running in many diverging directions, we hadn’t optimized our sales and marketing processes and plans, and our team didn’t feel like a cohesive tribe. Here’s how we came together with STI’s help:

  • STI led a Cultural Assessment to find our greatest points of cultural leverage. Their SmartTribes Playbook provided templates for a fresh set of company mission, vision, values, employee surveys and celebrations.
  • With their Leadership Training and Playbook, we aligned our leaders around needle movers and simpler ways to get greater results.
  • With their Influence Training and Sales & Marketing Playbook we are building processes that are propelling our team’s effectiveness to new levels.

STI’s elegant yet simple brain-based programs and Playbooks have helped us to enroll, engage, align our team to optimize our performance. Now we get more done in less time, we are more motivated, we are all speaking the same language, and we all continue to collectively raise the bar. We’re more accountable, aligned, and effective than ever before. We can’t wait to see what we achieve next!”

Michele Bousquet
Former Senior Vice President – Administration