Energy Recall Process

We put our energy into people, places, projects in an attempt to get things accomplished. Yet we often leave our energy where we placed it even when its purpose is complete. This is why you sometimes feel drained.

Here’s how to recall your energy:

Close your eyes. Visualize a large golden sun about 4 feet above your head. This is your energy. Now make the sun magnetic. Ask it to recall your energy from wherever you have placed it. You may see your energy returning in discs, like Frisbees, or as streams of light. “Look” at where your energy is returning from. Notice where you had placed the greatest quantities.

Once all your possible energy is recalled, see your energy sun pouring golden or white light down into you. Continue until you’re solid golden light. Now see the light radiating off of you to your office, town, state, country, and the globe.

Enjoy your recalled energy!