Cultural GAME Plan: Create a Passionately Engaged Culture

Does your organization have a highly engaged culture?

The best way to boost revenue, profits, fulfillment, fun, and performance in general, is to create an emotionally engaged and emotionally agile cultural identity. Without specific structures in place, you might be unintentionally disengaging your tribe. The brain needs structures to connect the heart to the workplace, to bring emotion in, so our teams know we care about them.

To do this, you need a Cultural GAME Plan.

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A Cultural GAME Plan helps to improve company culture by fostering a fulfilling work experience, which yields the happiest and most committed, productive, loyal, long-term, constantly evolving, and emotionally agile team members. They will say, “I love my job, I trust my leader, and I’m ready to rock today!”

A Cultural GAME Plan provides cultural rituals so a person knows how to stay in the tribe snd gain status in each of these four key areas, which are all imperative to improve company culture. It not only establishes trust at the cultural level but also supports a fulfilling work experience. And that will yield the happiest and most committed, productive, loyal, long-term, constantly evolving emotionally agile team members. You deserve this. So do they.

This is true emotional agility and engagement.

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