Leadership Programs

“I estimated that 90% of my time was being spent putting out fires and I wanted to improve the performance and visibility of my team. The most important thing I got out of the program was how to be more effective as a leader and that being a leader doesn’t just mean leading your team. It means influencing others outside your team and people more senior than you in an organization.

I leveraged the coaching sessions to figure out how to spend 80% or more of my time on High Value Activities and to learn not only to delegate more, but to delegate in such a way that my team gets to develop themselves. We are now seen more and more as internal consultants rather than reactive problem solvers, I am able to spend my time on strategic initiatives, and have begun to build my reputation and connections both within and external to my company.”

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a coaching and training program designed to cultivate and increase the influence of key team members–the ones who you are relying on to lead from within. It is appropriate when a company wants to:

  • Grow current staff into management team members who take charge of maximizing their own potential and their bottom line contribution.
  • Optimize executive time by increasing the strategic thinking of staff and their ability to prioritize in line with company objectives.
  • Increase companywide accountability, creating a culture that is motivated towards achieving a common vision and has the influencing skills to do it.
  • Accelerate a cultural change by increasing engagement, ownership and communication skills.

Structure of the Program

The LDP is an intensive six month program designed to allow team members to learn and implement the new science of compelling leadership. The program includes individual leadership assessments before and after the program, two live group trainings, four webinars, and individual coaching. All webinars are recorded and participants have access to them ongoing.

Topics covered include our proprietary SmartTribes Methodology, Participant Progress Tracking tools, and full support for leadership transformation. Upon completion participants are SmartTribe certified.

Experience has shown us that the LDP works best with a minimum of six participants and a maximum of eight. It is appropriate for team members generally from the VP level on down, and is best delivered to groups of peers (i.e. approximately the same supervisory level but possibly different functional areas). In cases where it will be necessary to train more team members than fit into one group, it is possible to run multiple classes in parallel.


We take great pride in the ROI in developing your team. Below are some results from past Leadership Development program graduates. Note that all results are within 6 months or less of program completion:

  • 97% tangibly contributed to increasing key executive strategic/high value time by 5-15 hours per week.
  • 63% received a promotion to a role with increased responsibility and management of others.
  • 100% increased their ability to significantly influence others and outcomes.
  • 86% reported getting more done in less time due to the accountability techniques they learned.
  • 100% reported the ability to apply communication techniques and thinking styles both at home and at work and a resulting increase in personal fulfillment.

Some clients choose a modified LDP, called our Leadership Round Table. This program covers the same material as the LDP, yet without the individual coaching sessions.

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