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Executive Coaching


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“When I first met Christine I wasn’t sure what the return on investment in coaching could truly be. Now I know what it is: I think bigger working with Christine—we will double (or greater) our revenue this year as a result of my increased ability to create new strategies, expand my vision, see into my blind spots. She also helped me create accountability structures and communication rhythms so everyone is aligned and charging forward.”


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A company’s success and culture is a direct reflection of both the CEO and the leaders in key roles. All top athletes have coaches, and every game-changing executive does too. Coaching is the most effective way to see into your blind spots, enhance your vision, and reduce or remove challenging behaviors.


First we’ll do an assessment (360 or Leadership Effectiveness) in order to understand your greatest opportunities for growth.


Then we’ll form our action plan to get you what you want. In each session we’ll focus on topics including:

  • People, communication, influence, team dynamics or social dynamic challenges
  • Places you feel stuck or don’t understand why you are getting the results you are getting
  • Areas in your leadership you would like to grow
  • Personal experiences you would like to shift or change around a specific topic
  • Challenges you are having (leadership or personal, if affecting your performance)
  • Business strategy support you are seeking


We’re thrilled by the results our executive coaching clients consistently report to us. They include:

  • Individuals became 35%+ more productive
  • Sales were closed 50%+ faster and close rate is increased by 44%+
  • Revenues and profits increased by up to 210% annually
  • New products and services were developed 48%+ faster
  • 100% reported the ability to apply our communication techniques and thinking styles both at home and at work, resulting in an increase in personal fulfillment

Executive-level coaching is focused on optimizing one’s leadership skills and ability to cultivate leadership in others. Your coach will help you become profoundly influential, deepen your ability to create trust and connection inside and outside your company. Your coach will also be a sounding board for business strategy. In our work together we will:

  • Discover the real reasons you’re not getting the results you want… so you can now get them
  • Get you clear and powerfully in action, aligning your behaviors with your strategy
  • Look objectively at your thinking & decision making framework. Discover your blind spots
  • Craft  your leadership abilities and style to enable your team to play a much larger game
  • Align all the parts of you that are in conflict with the results you want in your work and in your life.

Mini-Training Webinars

Our annual coaching clients also receive 4 webinars which they may invite key team members to:

Neuroscience of Leadership: Lead with greater results using the SmartTribe Accelerators and the latest neuroscience techniques. Results: Leaders are respected more, followed more, loved more and more present, accountable, clear communicators, more influential and powerful, and creators of sustainable win-win cultures.

Neuroscience of Optimal Teams: Diagnose and heal all culture and team challenges by using the most effective cultural, accountability and behavior modification structures. Results: Increased team alignment, feelings of safety, belonging, and mattering to the company at large. The net-net is improved results, accountability and morale.

Neuroscience of Influencing Outcomes: Influence clients, team members, prospects, board members, people in general by learning how to join their frame of reference. Results: Greater impact of and receptivity to your communication. more productive & accurate team communication, deeper trust, better listening. The net-net is stronger relationships with key stakeholders.

Neuroscience of Managing Change: Shift from a problem-focused culture to outcome-orientation by understanding your primary orientation and how to flip it. Results: When applied these tools encourage internal motivation from team members, high accountability and increase team members self-ownership of key initiatives. Cultures shift from seeing the problems to actively creating the outcomes they desire.

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Contact us to discuss how coaching will benefit you.