Beyond Your Brain.

What experience of yourself do you want to have?

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As leaders we are expected to be highly present, have clear and consistent insights, maintain significant levels of energy, and stay grounded regardless of circumstances.

Yet in today’s world of relentless change this can be challenging.

This is why since time immemorial great leaders have taken space to step away from the noise, to get still, to reconnect with who they are and what really matters.

We have designed this retreat for this purpose.

Each of us has two minds: a waking mind and a dreaming mind. Our waking mind is what thinks, reasons, talks. It is limited to what can be perceived through the physical senses, it is limited to the physical world. It is the mind most people use the majority of the time.

But the dreaming mind is far more powerful, as it is unlimited. It is the part of us that transcends the ordinary “reality” of the physical world. It sees deeply into the heart of things, it is the part of us that dreams, it is the seat of our intuition. And it remembers a time when we had greater capacity than we have right now. Your waking mind does not fully understand the nature of things. But your dreaming mind does. It’s time to awaken the dreaming mind.