Vicki Suiter

Executive Coach/Leadership Trainer

Vicki Suiter

Vicki Suiter

For more than two decades, Vicki Suiter has been helping clients build sustainably successful companies. Having worked with hundreds of businessesranging from financial institutions to international leadership development companies, Vicki understands the unique challenges of working in a business while simultaneously working on it. One of her gifts is the ability to see the big picture and simultaneously identify the actions in daily operations that generate results. As a coach she brings clarity and understanding to where a person’s thinking can limit their actions, and helps them move beyond those limitations. Her work includes strategic planning, financial projection models/setup, employee accountability structures, as well as feedback systems that get results.

Clients often say that, while the conversations with Vicki are not always ‘fun’, they are always glad they had them! She is honest and direct in her style and approach, yet, compassionate and kind. She offers practical tools and systems that are easy to grasp and can be used immediately – making it easy for clients and audiences to see changes in their business quickly.

Here are just a few of Vicki’s results:

  • Disaster restoration company – Vicki implemented operating budgets, strategic goals, and feedback systems that got results. She helped this small firm grow to over 500% in annual sales, with steady net profit margins, eventually helping to sell the company for a significant return.
  • Major commercial contractor – Vicki helped them restructure pricing, set up cost controls that resulted in sales growth of over 200%, increased gross profit margins of 11% and net margin increases over 9%. Feedback systems helped increase close rates from 10% to 30%.
  • International stone import and installation – Revenue increases of over 180%, and net profit increases of over 30%,and 10 quarters of uninterrupted profitability were the result of Vicki’s work with them. Their staff turnover decreased from 100% to less than 20% after instituting clear accountability structures with teams. Vicki created a “win-win” team approach where full disclosure aligns teams to common company purpose, and clear strategies for individual performance.

Vicki is has presented all over the US and Canada on topics ranging from building stronger profits to changing company culture. She is a published author and CEU approved speaker for several organizations, including ASID, IDS, NARI, NKBA, APLD, and Vistage International. Vicki has articles in publications such as Construction Pro’s Magazine; SF Chronicle; Reeves Journal; CLCA and ASA Newsletters. In addition to the business writing, she is also the co-author of the cookbook – “Mangia!…I Love You” focusing on the sharing of love, and connecting families and communities through food.

Vicki earned a degree in business and finance from Dominican University, and she is a Certified Business Coach (SportsMind – a combination of somatic, neuroscience, and language based transformation models) and trainer and aMaster Certified NLP Practitioner (10 years). Prior to her coaching work she was the controller of a nationwide training company and a commercial lending officer for a national bank.