Christine Comaford

Neuroscience-Based Leadership & Culture Influencer

Christine received the top rating at our Fortune Leadership Summit. Her program on building trust in tangible, measurable, specific ways by showing us how it is experienced in the brain was life-changing. Our audience of 650 business leaders were captivated by her message and engaged as we did labs together to apply Christine’s neuroscience-based tools. It’s been over a month and our participants keep raving about it! We can’t wait to work with Christine again.”

Verne Harnish, Chair Fortune Magazine’s Leadership Summit and author of Scaling Up

Popular Topics Include:


Thank God It’s Monday!

In this session you’ll learn potent neuroscience techniques for creating a culture of passion, growth, commitment, initiative, and resilience. You’ll learn the secrets of high-engagement cultures where employees deliver terrific performance, have balanced lifestyles, and avoid burnout. Want higher employee satisfaction scores, better results, happier teams? Be sure to attend this program.


Leverage Neuroscience to Get Predictable Revenue, Passionate Teams, Profitable Growth

In today’s uncertain economic climate you need the latest tools to optimize your growth and employees in order for profits to soar. Chances are good you’re growing in one of these areas but not all three at the same time… what if you could?


Using Neuroscience to Sell Better, Lead Better, Market Better

Influence is no longer about doing something to someone to get what you want. Real influence is about forging deep connections quickly, stepping into someone’s world authentically, and striving for consistent win/win outcomes.


The Neuroscience of Compelling Leadership

Today’s leaders need to be more connected to a deeper ability to communicate & influence others to cause higher levels of accountability and productivity on their teams.


Inside The Brain Of Your Buyer

In this highly interactive training, we explore aspects of neuroscience that can be applied to sales with remarkable results. Through interactive exercises each participant will be able to actually experience a shift in their relationship to prospecting, marketing, lead generation and cultivation, and client care.

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“Thank you so much Christine for your brilliance, passion and inspiration you’ve imprinted on each of our minds and hearts. Your program at our first GoPro Women’s Summit empowered everyone profoundly. We have received so much incredible feedback from our attendees! Now they have new tools to help them generate new insights and help others to do the same, to make new meaning about their experiences, to bring safety, belonging, mattering where it is needed so they can lead themselves, others, and the business with a fresh perspective. We can't thank you enough for leading such an impactful session. Your brain-based tools are truly helping our tribe!

~Laura Robblee, Senior Director, People, GoPro

STI’s program at our Higher Purpose conference received record high ratings! Christine’s tools to help leaders boost connection and engagement were practical, powerful, and easy to put into action. Our participants were buzzing about her program and many other speakers referenced her tools from the stage. The value Christine brought to our event was palpable. We can’t wait to work with her again.

~Elana Yonah, Chief Advancement Officer, Conscious Capitalism

"Christine Comaford is a dynamo. Her insight and knowledge is matched by her energy and passion. I was impressed by her ability to engage the audience at Brand ManageCamp while delivering tangible techniques to help the audience propel the performance of their teams to new heights. She was a pleasure to work with, the audience loved her, and I would not hesitate to hire her again!"

~Len Herstein, CEO &&President, ManageCamp Inc.

“Christine’s dynamic session at our annual training event for WPO Chapter Chairs linking neuroscience-based tools with employee engagement was fascinating. Our facilitators, who came from all over the world, were intrigued by Christine’s ‘Safety, Belonging, and Mattering Index.’ We’re very interested in practical applications for creating an environment of trust in order to improve group performance as part of WPO’s signature peer learning method.”

~Susan Diamond Chief Learning Officer and Vice President Women Presidents’ Organization

Christine’s session at the Chamber was received with enthusiasm and profound engagement. Everyone rolled up their sleeves, dove in, and learned tools to apply to real-world people challenges they had currently been struggling with. We all know that emotional engagement makes all the difference—but sometimes it’s tricky to understand how exactly to create it. Well now I can say ‘mystery solved.’ We have the tools, we know how to use them. Here comes more emotional engagement for the teams of our members. And that really makes my day! We can’t wait to bring Christine back.

~Laurie Pieper Director, Human Resources, Omaha Chamber of Commerce

"How do you captivate a room full of HR professionals? Christine Comaford, that’s how. Christine’s pragmatic, potent, easy to apply neuroscience-backed tools had our audience fascinated and focused. They learned practical techniques to problem-solve some of their most vexing HR challenges. We can’t wait to see what happens next, and plan to bring Christine back in short order. Thanks Christine for helping us raise our collective HR bar.”

~Jason Lauritsen Director, Client Success Quantum Workplace Chair, HR Reinvention Conference

“Christine’s sessions at both the YPO and CEO Council events I chaired were exceptional. The depth of take-home value, the audience participation, the tangible tools and practical application were generous and tremendously helpful. Everyone raved about the insights and tools they gained, and we can’t wait to have Christine back!”

~Jamie Harden, President & CEO Creative Sign Designs, YPO Florida Day Chair