"STI’s elegant yet simple brain-based programs and Playbooks have helped us to enroll, engage, align our team to optimize our performance. Now we get more done in less time, we are more motivated, we are all speaking the same language, and we all continue to collectively raise the bar. We’re more accountable, aligned, and effective than ever before." - Michele Bousquet, Chief of Staff, Forward


SmartTribes Playbook

Your Guide To: Predictable Revenue. Passionate Teams. Profitable Growth.

What if you had a proven playbook for consistent growth in Leadership, Culture & Talent, Sales & Marketing? How would that change your business?

I have something that will help you. It doesn’t require hours of your time and the results are already proven with our clients.

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Results our clients have experienced using SmartTribes Playbook

  • Complete Edition

    • Up to 137 hours saved each month due to proven streamlined processes

    • Up to $55,000 saved each month by not reinventing the wheel, and wasting time on methods that don’t work Based on feedback from clients, The total executive and management cost of creating the resources in our playbooks is:

    • Leadership: $98,000

    • Culture & Talent: $87,000

    • Sales & Marketing: $73,000

  • Leadership Playbook:

    • Grow revenues and profits up to 210% annually

    • Shift your team into their Smart State (full access to emotions, innovation, desire for positive outcomes)

    • Employees 35%+ more productive

    • Emotional engagement up by 67-100%

  • Culture & Talent Playbook:

    • Increase team member emotional engagement, loyalty, ownership-focus by 67-100%

    • Increase team member productivity by 35-50%

    • Raise employee satisfaction scores by 25-47%

    • Reduce employee stress and sick days by 11-53%

  • Sales & Marketing Playbook:

    • Sales are closed 50%+ faster

    • Sales close rate is increased by 44+%

    • Marketing messages are 300%+ more effective

    • Close up to 44% more of your pipeline

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SmartTribes Playbook

SmartTribes Playbook provides proven tools and templates focusing on: Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Culture & Talent. Our resources will eliminate time wasted pondering ‘what do we do now?’


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Our strategies have created billions of dollars in new revenue and value for our clients. Are you ready to:

  • Close sales up to 50% faster?
  • Grow revenues and profits up to 210% annually?
  • Increase individual performance up to 50%?
  • Develop new products and services up to 48% faster?
  • Increase employee engagement, loyalty, ownership-focus by 67-100%.
  • Close sales up to 50% faster and close up to 44% more of your pipeline
  • Create marketing messages that are 300%+ more effective.

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